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  Boys Golf Results 2004 

Petersburg (PORTA) Boys Golf Regional Results

Posted Tuesday, October 5, 2004 at 5:51 pm

These results were submitted by the tournament (or meet) manager. If you notice an error or omission, please call the IHSA Office immediately at 309-663-6377 or e-mail

These results are posted as a convenience to fans and media, and still need to be checked by the IHSA Office for accuracy and completeness. All names and results appearing on this report are subject to verification by the IHSA Office before advancement is official.

Manager's Note

Weather conditions were excellent. Shambolee GC provided a challenging test allowing for only one sub par round and numerous competitive scores.

Golf Course

Name of Golf Course: Shambolee GC                                  
Length of course (in yards): 6500
Par: 72

First-Place Medalist

Golfer                Yr   School                    Scor 
Kyle Peterman         Jr.  Williamsville             70

Advancing Individuals

NOTE: This list includes the top golfers who were not members of an advancing team.
Golfer                Yr   School                    Scor Coach                 
Kyle Peterman         Jr.  Williamsville             70   Brian Farnsworth
Adam Morris           Jr.  Greenview                 76   Shelby Kinney
Tim Ward              Jr.  Greenview                 80   Shelby Kinney
Matt Prefountain      Sr.  Greenview                 80   Shelby Kinney
Cody Long             So.  Stanford Olympia          81   Rod Dale
Jamie Woodrum         Sr.  A-C Central               81   Chuck Ross
Brady Wildenradt      Sr.  Hartsburg-Emden           81   Tom Mikelson
Jacob Israel          So.  Stanford Olympia          82   Rod Dale
Andy Camerer          Jr.  Havana                    82   Dick Lounsberry
Gary Radamaker        So.  Hartsburg-Emden           82   Tom Mikelson

Advancing Teams

Pl  School                            Scor Head Coach        
1   Peoria Christian                  319  Steve Auter
2   Pleasant Plains                   322  Paul Kastner
3   PORTA                             325  Tito Gomez

Advancing Team #1

Name of School: Peoria Christian                     
Golfer Yr Scor David Ackerman Sr. 77 Trevor Fitch Jr. 79 Jordan Dillard Jr. 82 Jessica Parmenter So. 83 Nelson Fitch So. 81 Zach Zobrist So. DQ

Advancing Team #2

Name of School: Pleasant Plains                      
Golfer Yr Scor Danny Ryan Sr. 77 Nathan Patrick Sr. 78 Nick Kulavic So. 82 Shane Gebhards Sr. 85 Brent Kulavic Jr. 85 Kellen Steinol So. 89

Advancing Team #3

Name of School: PORTA                                
Golfer Yr Scor Bo Lowder So. 77 Colby McHenry Jr. 80 Eric Broughton Sr. 86 Taylor Wells Fr. 83 Justin Britton Sr. 85 Kyle Todd So. 88

Advancing Team #4

Name of School: N/A                                  
Golfer Yr Scor