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  Football Standings Menu 2001 

Select the first letter of the city where the school is located:

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N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

Or select a conference or the list of independent schools:

Big Northern (Red)
Big Northern (White)
Big Rivers (Illinois)
Big Rivers (Mississippi)
Big Twelve (East)
Big Twelve (West)
Black Diamond
Catholic Metropolitan (Blue)
Catholic Metropolitan (Red)
Catholic Metropolitan (White)
Central State Eight
Central Suburban (North)
Central Suburban (South)
Chicago Public (Chicago Central)
Chicago Public (Chicago North)
Chicago Public (Chicago South)
Chicago Public (Chicago West)
Chicago Public (Illini Northeast)
Chicago Public (Illini Northwest)
Chicago Public (Illini Southeast)
Chicago Public (Illini Southwest)
Chicago Public (Intra-City)
Corn Belt
DuPage Valley
Four Rivers
Fox Valley
Interstate Eight
Lincoln Trail (East)
Lincoln Trail (West)
Little Illini
Little Okaw Valley
Mid-State (North)
Mid-State (South)
Mid-State 6
Mid-Suburban (East)
Mid-Suburban (West)
Mississippi Valley
NCIC (Northeast)
NCIC (Southwest)
North Egypt
North Suburban (Lake)
North Suburban (Prairie)
Northern Illinois (NIC-9)
Northwest Upstate Illini (North)
Northwest Upstate Illini (South)
Okaw Valley
Prairie State
Private School League
Sangamon Illini (Blue)
Sangamon Illini (Red)
Sangamon Illini (White)
SICA (Blue)
SICA (Gray)
SICA (Green)
SICA (Orange)
South Central (East)
South Central (West)
South Seven
Southern Illinois River-to-River (Mississippi)
Southern Illinois River-to-River (Ohio)
Suburban Catholic
Suburban Prairie (Red)
Suburban Prairie (White)
Upstate Eight
West Central
West Suburban (Gold)
West Suburban (Silver)
Western Big 6
Western Illinois Valley (North)
Western Illinois Valley (South)
Independent Schools

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