Boys Bowling Results 2007 

Rockford (Boylan) Boys Bowling Sectional Results

Posted Saturday, January 20, 2007 at 4:34 pm

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Manager's Note

Rockford Jefferson took the lead after game two and held it throughout. The top eight schools were separated by 320 pins. Thanks to the fans for their fantastic support!

Top 5 Bowlers

Pl  Bowler                Yr   School                    Pins    
1   Eric Henke            So.  Rockford Jefferson        1379
2   Dan Lemiesz           So.  Machesney Park Harlem     1295
3   Mike Fenn             Sr.  Rockford Lutheran         1286
4   Garrett Hyle          So.  Rockford Lutheran         1268
5   Sammy Lenz            So.  Rockford Guilford         1264

Advancing Individuals

Bowler                Yr   School                    Pins    Coach                 
Mike Fenn             Sr.  Rockford Lutheran         1286    Steven Paul
Garrett Hyle          So.  Rockford Lutheran         1268    Steven Paul

Potential At-Large Individuals

A certain number of at-large bowlers will advance to the state final. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more information.
Bowler                Yr   School                    Pins    Coach                 
Sammy Lenz            So.  Rockford Guilford         1264    Brad Sommer
Ivan Duppler          Sr.  Rockford Boylan           1257    Steve McGriff
Jordan Hale           So.  Rockford Christian Life   1250    Debbie Whitfield
Jason Hill            Sr.  Rockford Christian Life   1248    Debbie Whitfield
Spence Olson          Sr.  Rockford Guilford         1248    Brad Sommer
Ryan Toms             Jr.  Sycamore                  1231    Tom Anderson

Team Scores

Pl  School                            Tota Season Head Coach        
1   Rockford Jefferson                6170 1010   Kevin Klingbeil
2   Machesney Park Harlem             6073 1015   Nick Whitmire
3   Rockford Lutheran                 6027 925    Steven Paul
4   Rockford Guilford                 5999 985    Brad Sommer
5   Belvidere                         5966 995    Edward Glennon
6   Rockford Boylan                   5955 1002   Steve McGriff
7   Sycamore                          5899 928    Tom Anderson
8   Rockford Christian Life           5850 948    Debbie Whitfield
9   Rockford Auburn                   5451 940    Ernie Stokes
10  Rockford Christian                5361 750    Tim Rourke
11  Rockford East                     5063 850    Neil Scharbath
12  Ottawa Marquette                  3969 650    Jack Novotney

Advancing Team #1

Name of School: Rockford Jefferson                   
Bowler Yr Pins Kyle Klingbeil So. 1242 Brent Hornik Jr. 1222 Eric Baily Sr. 1171 Jamie Dove Sr. 730 Nic Marrow So. 0 Eric Henke So. 1379 Ryan Reece So. 0 Denny Cristofono Jr. 426

Advancing Team #2

Name of School: Machesney Park Harlem                
Bowler Yr Pins Steve Oldenburger Jr. 604 Brent Broege Jr. 1217 Kyle Thomas Jr. 401 Austin Mussigman So. 383 Brian Wicker Jr. 605 Ryan Kulpa Sr. 1226 Dan Lemiesz So. 1295 Zach Van Fleet Jr. 342

Average Scores

Average Team Score
(average sectional score of all teams participating): 5648
Average Individual Score
(average team score divided by 5): 1129