Boys Baseball Class A State Final Results 1997-98 

 Normal (University) 10, Sullivan 0

Plate: Les A. Albert, Decatur
1st: James M. Padberg, Patoka
2nd: Gene Jordan, Fairview Hts.
3rd: Doug E. Elledge, New Canton
RF: Douglas E. Maxwell, Homer
LF: David E. Yockey, Rantoul
Game time: 7:02p.m.
Weather: Broken clouds, 68*F
Wind: N 5mph

U-High 1st: Calen Foster lines out to second, 4-3, 1 out; Dan States WALKS; Lance McMillin lines SINGLE to rightfield, States to third; Jon Charles FANS, 2 out (McMillin steals 2nd); Jason Rainey GO 5-3. 0-1-0-2

Sullivan 1st: Craig Bennett FANS, out 2-3; Kale Walker reaches on infield SINGLE; Travis Florey FANS, 2outs; Cory Allen flies out to short right field, F-4. 0-1-0-1

U-High 2nd: Matt Alvey HOMERS over the left field fence, RBI; Tom Menning GO 5-3; Todd Witherow called out on strikes, out 2-3 on dropped third strike, 2 outs; Erik Spong called out on strikes. 1-1-0-0

Sullivan 2nd: Brandon Miller FANS; T.D Swinford GO 4-3, 2 outs; Chester Reeder SINGLES to right centerfield; Andrew Bennett FO to center, F-8. 0-1-0-1

U-High 3rd: Calen Foster WALKS; Dan States bunts down third, beats the throw, SINGLE, Foster to second; Lance McMillin hits sharply to SS, throw to second gets States, 6-4 FC, Foster to third, 1 out; Jon Charles hits SAC FLY to centerfield, Foster tags and scores, RBI, 2 outs; Jason Rainey(McMillin steals 2nd) (Wild pitch allows McMillin to go to third) FANS. 1-1-0-1

Sullivan 3rd: Jason Fowler FANS; Craig Bennett FANS, 2 out; Kale Walker FANS, wild pitch rolls into dugout, Walker awarded first; Travis Florey hits up the middle, Walker out 6U, FC. 0-0-0-1

U-High 4th: Matt Alvey WALKS; Tom Menning flies out to deep leftfield, 1 out, no tag; Todd Witherow hits sharply to first, goes to second to force Alvey 3-6 FC, 2outs; Erik Spong hits chopper over the mound for infield SINGLE, Witherow to second; Caleb Foster SINGLES sharply up the middle, Witherow scores, RBI, Spong stops at second; Dan States WALKS, Spong to third, Foster to second; Lance McMillin lines a HOME RUN over the left field fence, GRAND SLAM, 4 RBI's; Jon Charles flies out to left, F-7. 5-3-0-0

Sullivan 4th: Cory Allen SINGLES to leftfield; Brandon Miller SINGLES to center, Allen stops at second; T.D.Swinford FANS, 1 out; Chester Reeder WALKS, Allen to third, Miller to second; Andrew Bennett FANS, 2 out; Jason Fowler FANS. 0-2-0-3

U-High 5th: (Cory Allen relieves Florey) Jason Rainey FANS; Matt Alvey SINGLES to leftfield; Tom Menning(Alvey steals second) called out on strikes, 2 out; Todd Witherow flies out to center, F-8. 0-1-0-1

Sullivan 5th: Craig Bennett GO 4-3, 1 out; Kale Walker grounds to third, throw is high but Walker is tagged out at first, 5-3, 2 outs; Travis Florey deflects off third baseman to SS, throw is in dirt for E-6; Cory Allen WALKS, Florey to second; Brandon Miller fouls out near 1st base dugout to pitcher, F-1. 0-0-1-2

U-High 6th: Eric Spong FANS, 1 out; Calen Foster FANS, 2out; Dan States lines SINGLE to right; Lance McMllin WALKS, States to second; Jon Charles (States to third, McMillin to second on wild pitch) reaches on E-6, States scores, no rbi, McMillin to third; Jason Rainey ( Charles steals second) SINGLES to center, States and Charles score, 2 RBI's; Matt Alvey FANS. 3-2-1-1

Sullivan 6th: Nick Standerfer (hits for Swinford) called out on strikes; Chester Reeder called out on strikes, 2 out; Andrew Bennett walks; Jason Fowler ( Nathan Grooms pinch running) grounds out fielders choice 6-4, 3 outs

Game ends:8:44
Time of the game:1hr 42min

 Box Score

1998 IHSA Class A Boys Baseball Tournament
Game #8

Normal (U-High)            AB   R   H RBI
Calen Foster, C             3   2   1   1
Dan States, 2b              2   2   2   0
Lance McMillan, SS          3   2   2   4
Jon Charles, P              3   1   0   1
Jason Rainey, CF            4   0   1   2
Matt Alvey, LF              3   1   2   1
Tom Menning, DH             3   0   0   0
Todd Witherow, 1b           3   1   0   0
Erik Spong, 3b           
Totals                     27  10   9   9
E --McMillan             
2B --                    
3B --                    
HR -- Alvey, McMillan    
SB --McMillan 2, Alvey, Charles
CS --                    
SF --Charles             
SH --                    
DP --                    
LOB -- 5                 
PO-A --18-5              
Sullivan                   AB   R   H RBI
Craig Bennett, SS           3   0   0   0
Kale Walker, C              3   0   1   0
Travis Florey, P            3   0   0   0
Cory Allen, 1b              2   0   1   0
Brandon Miller, LF          3   0   1   0
T.D. Swinford, RF           2   0   0   0
Chester Reeder, 2b          2   0   1   0
Andrew Bennett, 3b          2   0   0   0
Jason Fowler, CF            3   0   0   0
Nick Standerfer             1   0   0   0
E --C. Bennett           
2B --                    
3B --                    
HR --                    
SB --                    
CS --                    
SF --                    
SH --                    
DP --                    
LOB --8                  
PO-A --18-6              
Pitching Summary
Normal (University)           IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO
Charles                        6   4   0   0    
Sullivan                      IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO
Florey                         4   6   7   7    
Allen                          2   3   3   0    
WP --Charles, Florey, Allen
PB --                    
HBP --                   
Balk --                  
W-Charles (9-1)          
L-Florey (12-2)          
Score By Innings          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  Totals
Normal (University)       0 1 1 5 0 3        10
Sullivan                  0 0 0 0 0 0         0
Plate: Les A. Albert, Decatur
1st: James M. Padberg, Patoka
2nd:Gene Jordan, Fairview Hts.
3rd: Doug E. Elledge, New Canton
RF: Douglas E. Maxwell, Homer
LF: David E. Yockey, Rantoul
Time -- 1hr 42min        
Attendance -- 1908 paid attendence for the whole day

 Notes & Quotes
Quotes and Notes

Winning coach, Greg Bee of Normal (University): "Jon pitched one of the best games I have seen him pitch. The grand slam meant 7 runs was going to be enough with the pitching we had left. "

Losing coach, Brad Tuttle of Sullivan: "They are good, and have the pitching to go with it. We stuck with the pitching plan that we decided on before the game. "

1998 Class A All Tournament Team
1b- Cory Allen, Sullivan
2b- Dan States, Normal (University)
SS- Lance McMillan, Normal (University)
3b- Andrew Bennett, Sullivan
C- Dave Garcia, Putnam County
OF- Jon Charles, Normal (University)
OF- Matt Alvey, Normal (University)
OF- Ed Breuchaud, Greenville
DH- Tom Wiesbrock, Putnam County
P- Travis Florey, Sullivan
P- Heath Heiberger, Putnam County
P- Pete Martin, Normal (University)
MVP- Lance McMillan, Normal (University)