Boys Baseball Class A State Final Results 1997-98 

 Sullivan 6, Greenville 2

Plate: James M. Padberg, Patoka
1st: Gene Jordan, Fairview Hts.
3rd: Douglas E. Maxwell, Homer
Game time:8:55 a.m.
Weather: Partly cloudy, sun trying to break through, 62*F.
Wind: West, 5mph

Sullivan 1st: Craig Bennett SINGLES to rightfield; Kale Walker drops SAC BUNT to pitcher, out 1-3, Bennett to second, 1 out; Travis Florey flies out to left, F-7, 2 outs; Cory Allen SINGLES to left, C. Bennett scores, RBI; Brandon Miller SINGLES to center, Allen stops at second; T.D. Swinford WALKS, Allen to third, Miller to second; Chester Reeder WALKS, Allen scores, RBI, Miller to third, Swinford to second; Andrew Bennett hits the first pitch and flies out to right, F-9. 2-3-0-3

Greenville 1st: Justin Joiner FANS, thrown out 1-3; Josh Davis FANS, thrown out 1-3, 2 outs; Kyle Young FANS.

Sullivan 2nd:Curtis Barker hits for Jason Fowler GO 6-3; Craig Bennett WALKS; Kale Walker hits into 5-4 FC,
C. Bennett out at second, 2 outs; Travis Florey DOUBLES to right centerfield fence, Walker scores, RBI;
Cory Allen GO 5-3. 1-1-0-1

Greenville 2nd: (J. Fowler re-enters) Ed Breuchaud flies out to center, F-8; David Clark SINGLES to center; Andrew Oestreich hits into 4-3 DOUBLE PLAY. 0-1-0-0

Sullivan 3rd: Brandon Miller pops out to short RF, F-9; T.D. Swinford flies out foul to rightfield, F-9, 2 outs; Chester Reeder flies out to rightfielder, F-9. 0-0-0-0

Greenville 3rd: Jeremy Hudson FANS; Kyle Stewart FANS; Matt Kircher GO 5-3. 0-0-0-0

Sullivan 4th: Andrew Bennett SINGLES to right; Jason Fowler hits into 6-4 FC, forcing A. Bennett at second, 1 out; Craig Bennett strikes out, 2 outs, Fowler thrown out trying to steal 2nd, 3 outs; 0-1-0-0

Greenville 4th:Justin Joiner pops out to SS, F-6; Josh Davis FANS, 2 out; Kyle Young FANS. 0-0-0-0

Sullivan 5th: Kale Walker gets infield SINGLE Travis Florey hits bloop SINGLE to right, Walker to second; Cory Allen pops up to third basemen, F-5,1 out; Brandon Miller reaches first on error by third basemen, E-5,Walker scores , Florey to second; T.D. Swindler fouls out to rightfield, F-9, Florey tags and goes to third, Miller stays at first, 2 outs; Chester Reeder FANS. 1-2-1-2

Greenville 5th: Ed Breuchaud FANS, thrown out 2-3; Dave Clark fouls out to first, F-3, 2 outs; Andrew Oestereich SINGLES up the middle; Jeremy Hudson called out on strikes. 0-1-0-1

Sullivan 6th: Andrew Bennett SINGLES to center; (Adam Vrabec relieves Jefferson) (Nick Standerfer runs for A. Bennett) Jason Fowler flies out to centerfield, F-8, 1 out; Craig Bennett hits into 1-6 FC,forcing Standerfer, 2 outs; Kale Walker GO 5-3. 0-1-0-1

Greenville 6th:(A.Bennett re-enters)Kyle Stewart hits first pitch to second, bobbled, reaches on E-4;(Clayton Staff runs for Stewart) Matt Kircher bunts and pops up, dropped by firstbaseman, Staff thrown out at second, 3-6 FC, 1 out; Justin Joiner SINGLES down third base line, Kircher to second; Josh Davis FANS, 2 out; Kyle Young lines SINGLE to left, Kircher scores, RBI, Joiner to third;(Randy Lozier runs for Young) Ed Breuchaud (Wild pitch scores Joiner) FANS. 2-2-1-1

Sullvan 7th: Travis Florey FANS; Cory Allen DOUBLES down the left field line; Brandon Miller WALKS; T.D. Swinford hits into 6-4 FC, forcing Miller, Allen to third, 2 outs; Chester Reeder reaches on infield SINGLE, Allen scores, RBI, Swinford to third, 2 outs; (Nick Grooms runs for Reeder) Andrew Bennett SINGLES to right field scoring Swinford, RBI, N.Grooms to second; Jason Fowler GO 1-3. 2-3-0-2

Greenville 7th: (Reeder re-enters) David Clark FANS; Andrew Oestreich called out on strikes, 2 out; Jeremy Hudson FANS. 0-0-0-0

Game ends:10:47 a.m.

Time of the game:1 hr, 52 min.

 Box Score

1998 IHSA Class A Boys Baseball Tournament
Game #5

Sullivan                   AB   R   H RBI
Craig Bennett, SS           3   1   1   0
Kale Walker, C              3   2   1   0
Travis Florey, CF           4   0   2   1
Cory Allen, P               4   2   2   1
Brandon Miller, 1b          2   0   1   0
T.D. Swinford, RF           3   1   0   0
Chester Reeder, 2b          3   0   1   2
Andrew Bennett, 3b          4   0   3   1
Jason Fowler, LF            3   0   0   0
Curtis Barker, PH           1   0   0   0
Totals                     30   6  11   5
E --Reeder               
2B --Florey, Allen       
3B --                    
HR --                    
SB --Miller              
CS --                    
SF --                    
SH -- Walker             
DP --1                   
LOB --9                  
PO-A --28-6              
Greenville                 AB   R   H RBI
Justin Joiner, LF           3   1   1   0
Josh Davis, SS              3   0   0   0
Kyle Young, C               3   0   1   1
Ed Breuchaud, CF            3   0   0   0
David Clark, 1b             3   0   1   0
Andrew Oestreich, 3b        3   0   1   0
Jeremy Hudson, RF           3   0   0   0
Kyle Stewart, DH            2   0   0   0
Matt Kircher, 2b            2   1   0   0
Totals                     25   2   4   1
E --Oestreich            
2B --                    
3B --                    
HR --                    
SB --                    
CS --                    
SF --                    
SH --                    
DP --1                   
LOB --2                  
PO-A --21-9              
Pitching Summary
Sullivan                      IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO
Allen                          7   4   2   0    
Greenville                    IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO
Jefferson                      5   8   4   3    
Vrabec                         2   3   2   2    
WP --Allen               
PB --                    
HBP --                   
Balk --                  
W-Allen (9-4)            
L-Jefferson (3-2)        
Score By Innings          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  Totals
Sullivan                  2 1 0 0 1 0 2       6
Greenville                0 0 0 0 0 2 0       2
Plate: James M. Padberg, Patoka
1st: Gene Jordan, Fairview Hts.
3rd: Douglas E. Maxwell, Homer
Time -- 1hr 52min        
Attendance -- 1000       

 Notes & Quotes
Quotes and Notes

Winning coach, Jerry Lane of Sullivan: "Our idea was to win two games today. This is a great time in Sullivan High School baseball. This is a big step for us. Every once in a while we have a bad inning. "
Brad Tuttle- "We now have to regroup and get ready to go tonight. We have a third pitcher waiting to pitch in the title game. It makes the game fun to start on top at the beginning of the game." Cory Allen- " I threw hard, and as long as I could. I thought I threw all pitches well today."

Losing coach, Todd Hutchinson of Greenville: "We take our hat's off to Allen. He came out and did the job. He is the most dominant pitcher we have faced all year. We just couldn't get any big hits. After the two run first we didn't get down. Our kids held their composure. "