Boys Baseball Class A State Final Results 1997-98 

 Granville (Putnam County) 5, Rochester 4

Plate: Douglas E. Maxwell, Homer
1st: James M. Padberg, Patoka
3rd: Gene Jordan, Fairview Hts.
Game time: 5:25 p.m.
Weather: Cloudy and Windy
Wind: N, NE 15

Rochester 1st: Aaron Milliken SINGLES sharply to Left; Paul Egan bunts down third, SAC BUNT, out 5-3, Milliken to 2nd, 1 out; Brad Weitekamp WALKS, Wild Pitch sends Milliken to 3rd; Jake Green FANS, 2 out; Josh Fieldbinder GO 5-3. 0-1-0-2

Putnam County 1st: Grant Steffens FANS, 1 out; Seth Chambers WALKS; Dave Garcia WALKS, Chambers to second; Tom Wiesbrock FANS, 2 out; Heath Heiberger lines opposite field DOUBLE into the leftfield corner, Chambers scores, RBI, Garcia stops at third; Adam Tarrmann WALKS to load the bases; Tony Phelps lines out to Rfer, F-9. 1-1-0-3

Rochester 2nd: David Travis FANS, 1 out; Matt Messmore FANS, 2 out; Ryan Chrans FANS. 0-0-0-0

Putnam County 2nd: Jason Vance GO to SS, 6-3, 1 out; Sean Egan pops out to SS in short Centerfield, F-6, 2 out; Grant Steffens bunts down third for SINGLE; Seth Chambers (Steffens steals 2nd) GO 3-U .....................0-1-0-1

Rochester 3rd: Justin Porter called out on strikes, 1 out; Aaron Milliken WALKS; Paul Egan (Passed ball allows Milliken to second) reaches on tough hop infield SINGLE, Milliken to 3rd; Brad Weitekamp reaches on FC, E-4, Milliken scores, RBI, Egan to 3rd on errant throw by second baseman to plate, Weitekamp to 2nd; Jake Green FANS, thrown out 2-3 on dropped third strike, 2 out; Josh Fieldbinder called out on strikes. 1-1-1-2

Putnam County 3rd:Dave Garcia SINGLES up the middle; Tom Wiesbrock flies out to second, F-4, 1 out; Heath Heiberger fouls out to first, F-3, 2 out; Adam Tarrmann WALKS, Garcia to second; Tony Phelps is HIT BY PiTCH, Garcia to 3rd, Tarrmann to second; Jason Vance GO to SS, 6-U. 0-1-03

Rochester 4th: David Travis strikes out; Matt Messamore FANS; Ryan Chrans Singles to RCF; Justin Porter called out on strikes. 0-1-0-1

Putnam County 4th: Sean Egan FANS; Grant Steffens flies out to left, F-7, 2 outs; Seth Chambers DOUBLES off the right field wall; Dave Garcia SINGLES to RF, Chambers scores, RBI, Garcia thrown out 2-6 trying to advance on throw to plate. 1-1-0-0

Rochester 5th: Aaron Milliken DOUBLES to deep right field; Paul Egan WALKS; Brad Weitekamp called out on strikes, 1 out; Jake Green flies out to right, F-9, Milliken tags and goes to third, 2 out; Josh Fieldbinder SINGLES up the middle, Milliken scores, RBI, Egan to 2nd; David Travis FANS. 1-2-0-2

Putnam County 5th: Tom Wiesbrock GO to third, 5-3, 1 out; Heath Heiberger flies out to deep rightfield, F-9, 2 outs; Adam Tarrmann flies out to center, F-8. 0-0-0-0

Rochester 6th: Matt Messmore FANS; Ryan Chrans flies out to centerfield, F-8; Keith Gray (for J. Porter) WALKS; Aaron Milliken (Gray to second on wild pitch) SINGLES to left center field Grey scores, RBI; Paul Egan called out on strikes, pass ball allows Egan to 1st, Milliken to third, Egan to second on E-3, first baseman throws ball away trying to get Milliken at third; Brad Weitekamp FANS, out 2-3 on dropped third strike. 1-1-1-2

Putnam County 6th: Tony Phelps WALKS; Jason Vance bunts and pops up to pitcher, out F-1, throws to first base to double up Phelps who was running on the play, out 1-3 DP, 2 outs; Sean Egan GO 4-3. 0-0-0-0

Rochester 7th: Jake Green DOUBLES to leftcenterfield; Josh Fieldbinder (Troy Chrans runs for Green) SINGLES to right,RBI, advances to second on first base interference,Green scores; David Travis grounded out 4-3,1st out;(Fieldbinder thrown out trying for third 2out); Matt Messamore walked; Ryan Chrans FO to center,F-8. 1-2-0-1

Putnam County 7th: Grant Steffans flies out to center, 1 out; Seth Chambers DOUBLES into the right field corner; Dave Garcia SINGLES sharply up the middle, Chambers scores, RBI; Tom Wiesbrock (Jeremy Urnikis runs for Garcia) HITS A HOME RUN over the Right centerfield fence, Urnikis scores, 2 RBI's. Game winning home run.

Game ends:7:24 p.m.
Time of the game: 1 hr. 59 min.

 Box Score

1998 IHSA Class A Boys Baseball Tournament
Game #4

Rochester                  AB   R   H RBI
Aaron Milliken, 3b          3   2   3   1
Paul Egan, DH               2   0   1   0
Brad Weitkamp, C            3   0   0   1
Jake Green, 1b              4   0   1   0
Josh Fieldbinder, 2b        4   0   2   2
David Travis, SS            4   0   0   0
Matt Messamore, P           3   0   0   0
Ryan Chrans, CF             4   0   1   0
Justin Porter, LF           2   0   0   0
Keith Gray, DH              0   1   0   0
Totals                     29   4   8   4
E --                     
2B --Milliken, Green     
3B --                    
HR --                    
SB --                    
CS --                    
SF --                    
SH -- Egan               
DP --                    
LOB --                   
PO-A --19-5              
Putnam County              AB   R   H RBI
Grant Steffans, CF          4   0   1   0
Seth Chambers, 1b           4   3   2   0
Dave Garcia, C              3   0   3   2
Tom Weisbrock, 3b           3   1   1   2
Heath Heiberger, P          3   0   2   2
Adam Tarrmann, SS           1   0   0   0
Tony Phelps, DH             1   0   0   0
Jason Vance, LF             3   0   0   0
Sean Egan, 2b               3   0   0   0
Totals                     25   5   8   5
E --Egan, Chambers       
2B --Heiberger, Chambers 2
3B --                    
HR --                    
SB --                    
CS --                    
SF --                    
SH -- Egan               
DP --                    
LOB --                   
PO-A --19-5              
Pitching Summary
Rochester                     IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO
Messamore                  6 1/3   8   5   5    
Putnam County                 IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO
Heiberger                      7   8   4   4    
WP --Heiberger           
PB --Garcia              
HBP --Phelps(by Messamore)
Balk --                  
Score By Innings          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  Totals
Rochester                 0 0 1 0 1 1 1       4
Putnam County             1 0 0 1 0 0 3       5
Plate: Douglas E. Maxwell, Homer
1st: James M. Padberg    
3rd: Gene Jordan, Fairview Hts.
Time -- 1hr 59min        
Attendance -- 2000 paid for whole day

 Notes & Quotes
Quotes and Notes

Winning coach, Ken Jenkins of Putnam County: "When the score was 2 to 2 they should have walked the man that was up to get to the next man. I'll take the blame for not doing that. That was the fourth game since regionals started that we have won on our last at bat. We have a good group of dedicated seniors. I wasn't surprised that the Rochester pitcher stayed in, we left our's in also. "

Losing coach, Don Alton of Rochester: "That is the first homerun that Messamore has given up all year. When I went to the mound in the 7th, I talked to Messamore about where to pitch the ball, and the fact that they had come back in their 3 regional games. The umpire called a fair game for both teams, but the plate seems to get smaller with each level of competition beginning with the regional. This makes it a power pitchers game. "