Boys Baseball Class A State Final Results 1997-98 

 Normal (University) 11, Carmi (C.-White County) 0

Plate: Gene Jordan, Fairview Hts.
1st: Douglas E. Maxwell, Homer
3rd: James M. Padberg, Patoka
Game time:3:07 p.m.
Weather: Overcast and windy
Wind: NE 15-20

U-High 1st: Calen Foster GO 1-3; Dan States lines opposite field SINGLE to LF; Lance McMillan SINGLES to LF past drawn in third baseman, States to 3rd; Jon Charles called out on strikes, 2 out; Jason Rainey SINGLES to LF, States scores, McMillan to second, RBI; Matt Alvey reaches on E-5, McMillan to third, Rainey to second; Tom Menning GO to pitcher, 1-3. 1-3-1-3

Carmi 1st: Pat Hon FANS, 1 out; Casey Martin WALKS; Dacin Marshall (Martin steals 2nd) FANS, 2 outs; Nathan Brooks called out on strikes. 0-0-0-1

U-High 2nd: Todd Witherow GO 6-3, 1 out; Erik Spong loops SiINGLE to RF; Calen Foster WALKS, Spong to second; Dan States hits opposite field DOUBLE to LF, Spong scores, RBI, Foster to 3rd; Lance McMillan lines DOUBLE just inside third base, Foster and States score, 2 RBI'S; Jon Charles SINGLES to RF, McMillan scores, RBI; Jason Rainey (Charles steals 2nd) GO 5-3, Charles to 3rd on throw, 2 outs; Matt Alvey SINGLES up the middle, Charles scores, RBI; Tom Menning (Alvey steals 2nd) singles to left,RBI, Alvey scores; Mark Lament comes in to pitch, and Marshall goes to left, Wolff out; Todd Witherow (Menning to 2nd on passed ball) infield single, Menning scores on 3rd base error; Erik Spong pops out to 2nd. 7-7-1-1

Carmi 2nd: Kasey McWhirter SINGLES off the pitcher; Nathan Hamilton hits into 4-6-3 Double Play, 2 outs; Eric Walker FANS. 0-1-0-0

U-High 3rd: Calen Foster GO 4-3, 1 out; Dan States reaches on infield SINGLE over the mound; Lance McMillan reaches on infield SINGLE, States thrown trying to go to third, out 3-5, 2 outs; Jon Charles flies out to short rightfield, F-9. 0-2-0-1

Carmi 3rd: Brent York hits first pitch and GO 4-3, 1 out; Kyle Hon FANS, reaches on WP; Pat Hon FANS, 2 out; Casey Martin called out on strikes. 0-0-0-1

U-High 4th: Jason Rainey DOUBLES to LF wall on first pitch; Matt Alvey GO 5-3, Rainey to third on the throw, 1 out; Tom Menning hits SAC FLY to CF, F-8, Rainey tags and scores, RBI, 2 out; Todd Witherow grounds out to short, 6-3. 1-1-0-0

Carmi 4th: Dagin Marshall FANS; Nathan Brooks WALKS; Kasey McWhirter (Wild Pitch allows Brooks to 2nd) FANS, 2 out; Nathan Hamilton called out on strikes. 0-0-0-1

U-High 5th: Erik Spong reaches on E-6; Calen Foster (Jon Berry runs for Spong) FO to right field, F-9, 1 out; Dan States flies out to LF, F-7, 2 outs; Lance McMillan DOUBLES to leftcenter field fence, Berry to third; Jon Charles SINGLES through abandoned hole at SS, Berry and McMillan score,2 RBI's; Jason Rainey Singles to Lf, Charles goes to third, Rainey to second on throw to third; Matt Alvey flies out to LF, F-7. 2-3-1-2

Carmi 5th: Eric Walker reaches on E-6 throwing error but is out 3-4 trying to go to 2nd on overthrow, 1 out; Brent York WALKS; Todd Haley pinch hits for K.Hon called out on strikes, 2 out; Pat Hon GO 5-3. 0-0-1-1

Game ends:4:39 p.m.
Time of the game: 1 hr, 32 min.

 Box Score

1998 IHSA Class A Boys Baseball Tournament
Game #3

University High            AB   R   H RBI
Calen Foster, C             3   1   0   0
Dan States, 2b              4   2   3   1
Lance McMillan, SS          4   2   4   2
Jon Charles, RF             4   1   2   3
Jason Rainey, CF            4   1   3   1
Matt Alvey, LF              4   1   1   1
Tom Menning, DH             2   1   1   2
Todd Witherow, 1b           3   0   1   0
Erik Spong, 3b              3   1   1   0
Totals                     31  11  16  10
E --McMillan             
2B --Rainey, McMillan 2  
3B --                    
HR --                    
SB --Charles, Alvey      
CS --                    
SF --Menning             
SH --                    
DP --                    
LOB -- 7                 
PO-A --15-5              
Carmi-White County         AB   R   H RBI
Pat Hon, SS                 3   0   0   0
Casey Martin, CF            1   0   0   0
Dacin Marshall, P           2   0   0   0
Nathan Brooks, C            1   0   0   0
Kasey McWhirter, DH         2   0   1   0
Nathan Hamilton, 2b         2   0   0   0
Eric Walker, 1b             2   0   0   0
Brent York, 3b              1   0   0   0
Kyle Hon, LF                1   0   0   0
Todd Haley, PH              1   0   0   0
Totals                     16   0   1   0
E --York 2, P. Hon       
2B --                    
3B --                    
HR --                    
SB --Martin              
CS --                    
SF --                    
SH --                    
DP --                    
LOB --4                  
PO-A --15-8              
Pitching Summary
University High               IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO
Martin                         5   1   0   0    
Carmi-White County            IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO
Marshall                   1 2/3   9   8   7    
La Mont                    3 1/3   7   3   1    
WP --Martin              
PB --Brooks              
HBP --                   
Balk --                  
Score By Innings          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  Totals
University High           1 7 0 1 2          11
Carmi-White County        0 0 0 0 0           0
Plate: Gene Jordan, Faiview Hts.
1st: Douglas E. Maxwell, Homer
3rd: James M. Padberg, Patoka
Time -- 1hr 32min        
Attendance --850         

 Notes & Quotes
Quotes and Notes

Winning coach, Greg Bee of Normal (University): "We had a tndency to put the bat on the ball, and we executed well. Pete threw the ball extremely well. We left Pete in the game to save our number 3 and 2 pitchers for tommorrow. The five inning game is a confidence builder, and saves on Pete's arm. We were aggressive from the start, so that we could get the kids motivated."

Losing coach, Joe Thompson of Carmi (C-White County): "I thought Marshall threw well. I give U-High all the credit in the world. When they started a runner the batter put the ball in play. I was impressed with their ability to hit with 2 strikes. "