Addison (Driscoll) 8, Williamsville 6


1997 IHSA Class A Boys Baseball Tournament
June 6-7, 1997
Lanphier Park, Springfield

Championship Game

VisitorsWilliamsville Bullets(35-3)Coach Doug Furlow (2nd Yr. 54-12) vs. HomeAddison (Driscoll) Highlanders(32-7)Coach Jeff Sefcik (5th Yr. 122-45)

Umpires: Plate- Alan Albert, Chicago, IL
1st- Bradley Stearns, Springfield, IL
2nd- Kevin McMurray, Willow Springs, IL
3rd- Bob Rowatt, Milan, IL
RF- Doug Elledge, New Canton, IL
LF- James Padberg, Patoka, IL

Game time: 6:55 p.m
Weather: Cloudy, temp 68
Wind: from west,

Williamsville 1st: Scott Vancil strikes out swinging, thrown out 2-3; Kevin Harvill SINGLES to LCF; Augie Casson (Harvill steals 2nd) fans; Dan Seman SINGLES up the middle, Harvill scores, RBI; Josh Overmeyer flies out to deep RF, F-9. 1-2-0-1
Williamsville-1 Driscoll- Coming to Bat

Addison (Driscoll) 1st: Shayne New grounds out to SS, 6-3; Mike Wisniewski flies out to short RF, F-9; Jason Aspito grounds to first, ball is mishandled by firstbaseman, second baseman backs up play and throws to pitcher covering for the out, 3-4-1. 0-0-0-0
Williamsville-1 Driscoll-0

Williamsville 2nd: Matt Monte pops up to short RCF, out F-4; Bob Smithers bunts for SINGLE down the third base line; Mike Oglesby (Smithers is picked off 1st, out 1-3) grounded out 4-3. 0-1-0-0
Williamsville-1 Driscoll-0

Addison (Driscoll) 2nd: Matt Deichl lines out to SS, F-6; Christian Banach reaches on E-4 as 2nd baseman bobbles ground ball; Brian Rust flies out to CF'er, F-8 throw to double off runner returning to 1st goes into the stands,E-8, Banach is awarded 2 bases to third, 2 outs; Jeff Aspito Walks; Marc Trent grounds out 4-3. 0-0-2-2
Williamsville-1 Driscoll-0

Williamsville 3rd: Kurt Cardoni SINGLES down the 3rd base line; Scott Vancil (Cardoni to 2nd on PB) lays down SAC BUNT but pitcher bobbles ball, reaches on E-1, Cardoni to 3rd; (Scott Thede relieves Shore) Kevin Harvill SINGLES past SS, scoring Cardoni, RBI, Vancil to 2nd; Augie Casson SAC BUNT, out 1-3, Vancill to 3rd, Harvill to 2nd, 1 out; Dan Seman tries Squeeze Play, Vancill thrown out 1-2 FC, Harvill to third, 2 outs; Josh Overmeyer pops up to 3rd, F-5. 1-2-1-2
Williamsville-2 Driscoll-0

Addison(Driscoll) 3rd: Mike Keegan HIT BY PITCH; Shayne New (Keegan thrown out stealing 2-6) grounds out 4-3; Mike Wisniewski Walks; Jason Aspito fans. 0-0-0-1
Williamsville-2 Driscoll-0

Williamsville 4th: Matt Monte Walks; Bob Smithers TRIPLES to CF wall, Monte scores, RBI; Mike Oglesby fouls out to catcher, F-2; Kurt Cardoni chops SINGLE over 3rd basemans head, Smithers scores, RBI; Scott Vancill (Cardoni thrown out stealing, 2-6) SINGLES to short LF; Kevin Harvill grounds out to SS, 6-3. 2-3-0-1
Williamsville-4 Driscoll-0

Addison(Driscoll) 4th: Matt Deichl called out on strikes; Christian Banach Walks; Brian Rust SINGLES to RF, Banach to 2nd; Jeff Aspito (Tony Spidale runs for Rust) SINGLES to CF, Banach scores, RBI, Spidale goes to 3rd, ball gets away from 3rd baseman on throw allowning Aspito to go to 2nd, E-5; (Kevin Harvill relieves Casson) Marc Trent Doubles over the center fielder scoring Spidale and Aspito, 2 RBI; Mike Keegan flies out to right, Trent holds at second, 2 outs; Shayne New (Trent goes to third on wild pitch) infield hit scoring Trent, 1 RBI; Mike Wiesniewski (New steals second) singles to right scoring New, Wiesniewski goes to third on errorant throw by right fielder, 1 RBI; Jason Aspito fans, 3 outs. 5-5-2-1
Williamsville-4 Driscoll-5

Williamsville 5th: Augie Casson WALKS; Dan Seman DOUBLES to base of LCF wall, throw to plate is in time to nail Casson, but ball pops out of catchers glove and Casson scores, E-2, no RBI; (Nic Wood relieves Thede) Josh Overmeyer lays down SAC BUNT, out 1-4, Seman to third on play, 1 out; Matt Monte loops SINGLE into short LF over diving SS, Seman scores, RBI; Bob Smithers grounds back to pitcher,out 1-3, Monte to 2nd, 2 outs; Mike Oglesby BUNTS for SINGLE down the 3rd base line, Monte to 3rd; Kurt Cardoni flies out to LF, F-7. 2-3-1-2
Williamsville-6 Driscoll-5

Addison(Driscoll)5th: Matt Deichl flies to CF, F-8; Christian Banach flies out to deep LF, F-7; Brian Rust SINGLES up the middle; Jeff Aspito reaches on infield SINGLE in the hole at SS, Rust to 2nd; Jeff Aspito callled out on strikes. 0-2-0-2
Williamsville-6 Driscoll-5

Williamsville 6th: Scott Vancill fouls out to catcher, F-2; Kevin Harvill grounds out to 3rd, 5-3; Augie Casson pops out to 2nd, F-4. 0-0-0-0
Williamsville-6 Driscoll-5

Addison(Driscoll)6th: (Dan Seman relieves Harvill) Mike Keegan DOUBLES to RF; Shayne New BUNTS for SINGLE past charging pitcher, Keegan to 3rd; Mike Wisniewski TRIPLES to RCF, Keegan and New score, 2 RBI's; Jason Aspito flies to RF, RF'er loses ball in lights, falls for DOUBLE, Wisniewski scores, RBI; Matt Deichl called out on strikes, 1 out; Christian Banach fans, 2 outs; Brian Rust grounds out to SS, 6-3. 3-4-0-1
Williamsville-6 Driscoll-8

Williamsville 7th:Dan Seman grounds out 5-3; Josh Overmeyer called out on strikes; Matt Monte flies out right, 3 outs. Game over.

Game ends:8:47
Time of the game: 1hr 56min

1997 Class A Championship Game Quotes and Notes

Winning coach, Jeff Sefcik, " We had seniors starting in very position except third base. Nic Wood- today was the best two appearences of his life. He was very serious about this tournament. We expect to be here every year, however next year is a rebuilding year."

Losing coach, Doug Harvell, " Our kids will remember this for ever. We battled them the whole game. I thought Seman pitched well. We held them in check for awhile."

1997 Class A All-Tournament Team
(Selected By Media)

1B -- Bob Smithers, Williamsville
2B -- Jeremy Redman, Olney (East Richland)
3B -- Brad Madden, Olney (East Richland)
SS -- Jason Aspito, Addison (Driscoll)
OF -- Jake Smithers, Rock Island (Alleman)
OF --Dan Seman, Williamsville
OF --Shayne New, Addison (Driscoll)
C -- Bill Healy, Rock Island (Alleman)
DH -- Brian Rust, Addison (Driscoll)
P -- Kevin Harvill, Williamsville
P -- Zac Beehn, Olney (East Richland)
MVP -- Shayne New, Addison (Driscoll)

Box Score

1997 IHSA Class A Boys Baseball Tournament
Championship Game 

Williamsville (6)                AB      R       H       RBI
Scott Vancil,2b                  3       0       1       0
Kevin Harvill,SS,P,3b            4       1       2       1
Augie Casson,P,SS                2       1       0       0
Dan Seman,RF, P                  4       1       2       2
Josh Overmeyer,CF                3       0       0       0
Matt Monte,1b                    3       1       1       1
Bob Smithers,C                   3       1       2       1
Mike Oglesby,3b,RF               3       0       1       0
Kurt Cardoni,LF                  3       1       2       1
Totals                          28       6      11       6

E -- Vancil, Overmeyer, Oglesby, Seman
2B -- Seman
3B -- Smithers
HR -- 
SB --Harvill
CS --
SF --
SH -- Vancil, Casson, Overmeyer
DP --
LOB -- 6
PO-A -- 18-6

Addison (Driscoll) ( 8 )        AB      R       H       RBI
Shayne New,LF                   4       2       2       1
Mike Wisniewski, 2b             3       1       2       3
Jason Aspito,SS                 4       0       1       1
Matt Deichl,CF                  4       0       0       0
Christian Banach,RF             3       1       0       0
Brian Rust,C                    3       0       2       0
Jeff Aspito,1b                  2       1       2       1
Marc Trent,DH                   3       1       1       2
Mike Keegan,3b                  2       1       1       0
Tony Spidale,PR                 0       1       0       0
Totals                         28       8      11       8

E -- Rust
2B --Trent, Keegan, Ja.Aspito
3B -- Wienieski 
HR -- 
SB --New
CS --
SF -- 
SH -- 
DP --
LOB -- 7
PO-A -- 21-9 

                             Pitching Summary
Williamsville          IP      H       R       ER      BB      SO
Augie Casson            3 1/3   2       3       3       3       2
Kevin Harvill           1 2/3   5       2       2       0       2
Dan Seman (L, 7-2)      1       4       3       3       0       2

Addison (Driscoll)     IP      H       R       ER      BB      SO
Sterling Shore          2       4       2       2       0       2
Scott Thede             2       5       4       4       2       0
Nic Wood (W, 20-6)      3       2       0       0       0       1

WP -- Harvill
PB -- Rust
HBP -- Keegan
Balk --

Score By Innings                1 2 3 4 5 6 7  Totals
Visitors: Williamsville         1 0 1 2 2 0 0  - 6 
Home: Addison (Driscoll)        0 0 0 5 0 3 X  - 8

Umpires: Plate- Alan Albert, Chicago, IL
1st- Bradley Stearns, Springfield, IL
2nd- Kevin McMurray, Willow Springs, IL
3rd- Bob Rowatt, Milan, IL
RF- Doug Elledge, New Canton, IL
LF- James Padberg, Patoka, IL

Time -- 1:55
Attendance -- 1800 est