Addison (Driscoll) 12, Rock Island (Alleman) 2


1997 IHSA Class A Boys Baseball Tournament
June 6-7, 1997
Lanphier Park, Springfield

Quarterfinal Game #5

VisitorsRock Island (Alleman) Pioneers(27-6)Coach Bob DeDoncker (4th Yr.84-44-1) vs. HomeAddison (Driscoll) Highlanders (31-7)Coach Jeff Sefcik (5th Yr. 121-45)

Umpires: Plate- Bradley Stearns, Springfield, IL
1st- Doug Elledge, New Canton, IL
3rd- Kevin McMurray, Willow Springs, IL

Game time: 9:00 a.m.
Weather: Overcast and Cool and Hazey
Wind: none

Alleman 1st: Dustin Harksen beats out infield single to SS; Nate Frommelt flies out to short CF, 1 out; Jake Nelson hits chopper back to pitcher, out 1-3, Harksen to 2nd, 2 out; Bill Healy hits HOME RUN over 350 mark in LCF, scoring Harksen and self, 2 RBI's; Ryan Wood grounds out 6-3. 2-2-0-0
Alleman-2 Driscoll- coming to bat

Driscoll 1st- Shayne New Doubles off outstreatched glove of LF'er in LCF; Mike Wisniewski grounds out to first, 3-U, New moves to third, 1 out; Jason Aspito grounds out to secondbaseman, 4-3, New scores on play, RBI, 2 outs; Matt Deichl grounds out 6-3. 1-1-0-0
1 Alleman-2 Driscoll-1

Alleman 2nd: Justin Hubbs grounds out 4-3; Jake Smithers Singles to LF past diving SS; Adam Keeley grounds into 6-4 FC , forcing Smithers, 2 outs; Matt Rohweder (Keeley advances to 2nd on Wild Pitch) fans. 0-1-0-1
Alleman-2 Driscoll-1

Driscoll 2nd: Christian Banach reaches on E-5 as third baseman bobbles ball along the line; Brian Rust fouls out to first baseman in short RF, F-3, 1 out; Jeff Aspito (Banach thrown out stealing, 2-6) strikes out looking. 0-0-1-0
Alleman-2 Driscoll-1

Alleman 3rd: Dustin Harksen grounds out 6-3; Nate Frommelt walks; Jake Nelson hits into 5-4 FC, forcing Frommelt at second, 2 outs; Bill Healy hits sharply to SS, Nelson forced 6-4. 0-0-0-1
Alleman-2 Driscoll-1

Driscoll 3rd: Marc Trent SINGLES up the middle; Mike Keegan bunts in front of plate, catchers throw to 2nd is late. SAC and FC, Trent at 2nd, Keegan at 1st, 0 outs: Shayne New bunts, pitcher falls down, no play, SINGLE, Trent to 3rd, Keegan to 2nd; Mike Wisniewski hits SAC FLY to center field, Trrent tags and scores, RBI, Keegan to 3rd, New to second, 1 out; Jason Aspito ( Passed ball allows Keegan to score, New to 3rd) hits SAC FLY to RCF, New tags and scores, RBI, 2 outs; Matt Deichl hits to deep CF, Cf;er drops ball for 2 base error, E-8; Christian Banach reaches on infield SINGLE in hole between 3rd and SS, Deichl to 3rd; Brian Rust (Banach breaks for 2nd on 1st and 3rd play, pitcher throws wildly to 3rd, goes down LF line, Diechl scores on E-1, Banach to 3rd) Singles up the middle, scoring Banach, RBI; Jeff Aspito ( Wild Pitch moves Rust to 2nd) (Wild Pitch sends Rust to 3rd) WALKS; Marc Trent hits HOME RUN off scoreboard in LCF, Rust and Aspito score, 3 RBI's; Mike Keegan ( Dan Parsons relieves DePoorter) grounds out 6-3. 8-5-2-0
Alleman-2 Driscoll-9

Alleman 4th: Ryan Wood flies out to LF, F-7; Justin Hubbs SINGLES up the middle; jJake Smithers SINGLES to LF, Hubbs to 2nd, 1 out; Adam Keely flies out to short LCF, F-7, 2 outs; Matt Rohweder flies out to RF, F-9. 0-2-0-2
Alleman-2 Driscoll-9

Driscoll 4th: Shayne New rips a SINGLE to RF; Mike Wisniewski bunts back to pitcher, SAC BUNT, out 1-3, New to 2nd, 1 out; Jason Aspito DOUBLES to RCF gap, New scores, RBI; Matt Deichl (BALK sentds Aspito to 3rd) lines out to SS, F-6, 2 outs; Christian Banach called out on strikes. 1-2-0-1
Alleman-2 Driscoll-10

Alleman 5th: Dustin Harksen grounds out 5-3; Nate Frommelt grounds out 6-3; Jake Nelson grounds out 6-3. 0-0-0-0
Alleman-2 Driscoll-10

Driscoll 5th: Brian Rust strikes out swinging, tagged by catcher,2-U; Jeff Aspito flies out to LF, F-7; Marc Trent flies out to center field, F-8. 0-0-0-0
Alleman-2 Driscoll-10

Alleman 6th: Bill Healy beats out infield SINGLE down 3rd baseline; Ryan Wood fouls out to LF, F-7; Joe Taylor(batting for Hubbs) hits slow grounder to 2nd, out 4-3, Healy to 2nd; Jake Smithers walks; Adam Keely flies out to 3rd, F-5.
Alleman-2 Driscoll-10

Driscoll 6th: (Josh Ziegler relieves Parsons) Mike Keegan flies out to RF, F-9; Shayne New SINGLES up the middle; Mike Wisniewski SINGLES to RCF, New to 3rd; Jason Aspito lines sharply to 2nd, throw to 2nd late and low, SINGLE, New scores, RBI, Wisniewski to 2nd; Matt Deichl SINGLES to LCF, Wisneiwski scores, RBI, game ends on ten run rule. 2-3-0-2
FINAL SCORE: Alleman-2 Driscoll-12 (6 innings)

Game ends:
Time of the game: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Quotes and Notes

Winning coach, Jeff Sefcik, " That was our pitchers best outing of the year. We had one big inning today, but it was probably worth two big innings. Their starting pitcher was good. He had a good knuckle ball that we hadn't seen this year."

Losing coach, Ron DeDoncker, " It's the best hitting team we've faced all year. Tthey are a very, very, very good team. We should have been out of the big inning, but we made mistakes and we paid for them."

Box Score

 1997 IHSA Class A Boys Baseball Tournament
Quarterfinal Game #1

Rock Island (Alleman) ( 2)      AB      R       H       RBI
Dustin Harksen,SS               3       1       1       0
Nate Frommelt,CF                2       0       0       0
Jake Nelson,LF                  3       0       0       0
Bill Healy,C                    3       1       2       2
Ryan Wood,1b                    3       0       0       0
Justin Hubbs,2b                 2       1       0       0
Jake Smithers,RF                2       0       2       0
Adam Keely, DH                  3       0       0       0
Matt Rohweder,3b                2       0       0       0
Joe Zeigler,3b                  0       0       0       0
Totals                         23       3       5       2

E --Rhoweder, Frommelt, DePoorter
2B --
3B --
HR -- Healy
SB --
CS --
SF --
SH -- 
DP --
LOB -- 6
PO-A --16-4

Addison (Driscoll) ( 12 )       AB      R       H       RBI
Shayne New,LF                   4       4       4       0
Mike Wisniewski, 2b             2       1       1       1
Jason Aspito,SS                 3       0       0       4
Matt Deichl,CF                  4       1       1       1
Christian Banach,RF             3       1       1       0
Brian Rust,C                    3       1       1       1
Jeff Aspito,1b                  2       1       0       0
Marc Trent,DH                   3       2       2       3
Mike Keegan,3b                  2       1       0       0
Totals                         26      12      10      10

E -- 
2B -- New, Ja. Aspito
3B -- 
HR -- Trent 
SB --
CS --
SF -- Wiesniewski, Ja. Aspito
SH --  Keegan, Wiesniewski
DP --
LOB --3
PO-A --18-10

                         Pitching Summary
Rock Island (Alleman)   IP      H       R       ER      BB      SO
Corey DePoorter         2 2/3   6       9       3       1       1
Dan Parsons             2 1/3   2       1       1       0       2
Ben Layer                 1/3   4       2       2       0       0

Addison (Driscoll)      IP      H       R       ER      BB      SO
Nic Wood                6       6       2       2       2       1

WP -- Wood
PB --
HBP --
Balk --1

Score By Innings           1 2 3 4 5 6 7   Totals
Rock Island (Alleman)      2 0 0 0 0 0 0 -  2
Addison (Driscoll)         1 0 8 1 0 2 X - 12

Umpires: Plate- Bradley Stearns, Springfield, IL
1st- Doug Elledge, New Canton, IL
3rd- Kevin McMurray, Willow Springs, IL
Time -- 1:30
Attendance 325 est