Olney (East Richland) 5, Waterloo (Gibault) 2


1997 IHSA Class A Boys Baseball Tournament
June 6-7, 1997
Lanphier Park, Springfield

Quarterfinal Game #3

VisitorsOlney (East Richland) Tigers"(21-7)Coach Andy Julian (1st Yr. 21-7) vs. HomeWaterloo (Gibault) Hawks"(25-9)Coach Steve King (3rd Yr. 45-42Pla)

Umpires:Plate- Alan Albert, Chicago, IL
1st- James Padberg, Pakota, IL
3rd- Bob Rowatt, Milan, IL

Game time: 4:37
Weather:Partly Cloudy, Warm
Wind: Light out of NE

Olney (East Richland) 1st: Ben Beard lines to 3rd, out F-5; Ben Duke walks; Cody Fisher called out on strikes, 2out; Brian Arteberry (Duke caught stealing 2-6). 0-0-0-0
Olney-0 Gibault- coming to bat

Waterloo (Gibault) 1st: Adam Pickett fans; Brian Unger fans, tagged by catcher, 2U; Nic Mueth doubles to CF; John Rheinecker flies to Left field. 0-1-0-1
Olney-0 Gibault-0

Olney(East Richland)2nd- Brian Arteberry fans; Kenny Marrs singles to CF; Zac Vaughn doubles to LCF, Marrs to 3rd, 1 out; Joey Trupiano is hit by the pitch to load the bases; Jeremy Redman grounds up the middle, SS flips to second forcing Trupiano FC 6-4, 2outs, Marrs scores from third, RBI; Vaughn to 3rd; Brad Madden (Vaughn steals home, Redman steals 2nd, balll bounces away from catcher and Redman tries to go to third, thrown out 2-5). 2-2-0-0
Olney(East Richland)-2 Gibault-0

Waterloo(Gibault)2nd:Adam Frierdich singles up the middle; Jeremy Nagle (Frierdich thrown out stealing 2-6) pops up to SS, out F-6; Matt Miller grounds out 4-3. 0-1-0-1
Olney(East Richland)-2 Gibault-0

Olney(East Richland)3rd: Brad Madden fans; Ben Beard flies out to short CF; Ben Duke singles to short CF; Cody Fisher pops up to third baseman, F-5. 0-1-0-1
Olney(East Richland)-2 Gibault-0

Waterloo(Gibault)3rd: Ben Heimos fans, thrown out 2-3 on dropped third strike; John Toriski fans; Adam Pickett grounds out 6-3 for the third out. 0-0-0-0
Olney(East Richland)-2 Gibault-0

Olney(East Richland)4th: Brian Arteberry flies out to RF, F-9; Kenny Marrs called out on strikes; Zach Vaughn grounds out 6-3. 0-0-0-0
Olney(East Richland)-2 Gibault-0

Waterloo(Gibault)4th-Brian Unger flies out to short CF; Nic Mueth reaches on E-6; John Rheinecker reaches on E-5, Mueth to second; Adam Frierdich fans, 2 out; Jeremy Nagle singles to the RCF gap, Mueth scores, RBI, Rheinecker to 3rd; Matt Miller flies out to deep right center field, F-9. 1-2-2-2
Olney(East Richland)-2 Gibault-1

Olney(East Richland) 5th: Joey Trupiano fans; Jeremy Redman singles up the middle; Brad Madden (Redman steals 2nd) singles to LF, LF'er misplays ball for E-7 allowing Madden to 2nd, Redman scores RBI; Ben Beard singles up the middle, Madden stays at third, 1 out; Ben Duke (Beard steals 2nd) fans, thrown out 2-3 on dropped third strike, runners hold, 2 out; Cody Fisher bloops single to short CF, Madden and Beard score, 2 RBI's; Brian Arteberry(Jeremiah Fleming runs at 1st for Fisher) walks, Fleming to 2nd; Kenny Marrs singles off of the pitchers glove, Fleming to 3rd, Arteberry to 2nd; Zac Vaughn strikes out looking. 3-5-1-3
Olney(East Richland)-5 Gibault-1

Waterloo(Gibault)5th: Ben Heimos reaches second base on E-7 as LF'er misplays fly ball; John Toriski grounds out 5-3, Heimos to third; Adam Pickett flies to deep RF, Heimos tags and scores, SAC FLY and RBI; Brian Unger fans, thrown out 2-3. 1-0-1-0
Olney(East Richland)-5 Gibault-2

Olney (East Richland) 6th: Joey Trupiano singles to LF; (Aaron Benson runs for Trupiano) Jerry Redman pops up attempted bunt, out F-3, runner holds; Brad Madden (Benson caught stealing 2-4 for 2nd out) strikes out looking. 0-1-0-0
Olney(East Richland)-5 Gibault-2

Waterloo(Gibault)6th: Nic Mueth flies to RCF, out F-8; John Rheinecker grounds out to 1st, 3-U; Adam Frierdich reaches on E-6 as SS bobbles ball; Jeremy Nagle lines out to LF, F-7. 0-0-1-1
Olney(East Richland)-5 Gibault-2

Olney(East Richland)7th: Ben Beard flies out to LF, F-7; Ben Duke flies out foul to LF'er against bull pen fence, F-7, 2 outs; Cody Fisher grounds out 6-3. 0-0-0-0
Olney(East Richland)-5 Gibault-2

Waterloo(Gibault)7th: Matt Miller grounds out 5-3; Ben Heimos grounds out 4-3, 2 out; John Toriski singles past diving 1st baseman; Adam Pickett grounds out 5-3. 0-1-0-1
Final Score: Olney(East Richland)-5 Giobault-2

Game ends:
Time of the game: 1hr, 43 minutes

Quotes and Notes

Winning coach, Andy Julian,(Olney), "Errors in the game were caused by nerves not the limited infield practice time. We put in the double steal at the end of the year. We needed to try something, so I thought I would try the double steal, it's tough to defend."

Losing coach, Steve King,(Gibault), "They hit the ball, but give their pitcher credit. You're not going to win scoring two runs. The double steal was a surprise."

Box Score

 1997 IHSA Class A Boys Baseball Tournament
Quarterfinal Game #3

Olney (East Richland) (  )      AB      R       H       RBI
Ben Beard,CF                    4       1       1       1
Ben Duke,SS                     3       0       1       0
Cody Fisher,P                   4       0       1       0
Brian Arteberry,C               2       0       0       0
Kenny Marrs,RF                  3       1       2       0
Zack Vaughn,LF                  3       1       1       0
Joey Trupiano,DH                2       0       1       0
Jeremy Redman,2b                3       1       1       1
Brad Madden,3b                  3       1       1       1
Jeremiah Fleming,PR             0       0       0       0
Paul Bishop,RF                  0       0       0       0
Zac Beehn,1b                    0       0       0       0
Totals                         27       5       9       3

E --Madden, Vaughn, Duke 2
2B --Vaughn
3B --
HR -- 
SB --Vaughn, Redman 2, Beard
CS --
SF --
SH -- 
DP --
LOB -- 4
PO-A --27-8

Waterloo (Gibault) (  ) AB      R       H       RBI
Adam Picket,2b          3       0       0       1
Brian Unger,1b          3       0       0       0
Nic Meuth,3b            3       1       1       0
John Rheinecker,P       3       0       0       0
Adam Freirdich,C        3       0       1       0
Jeremy Nagle,DH         3       0       1       1
Matt Miller,RF          3       0       0       0
Ben Heimos,LF           3       1       0       0
John Torisky,SS         3       0       1       0
Kyle Nottmeier,CF       0       0       0       0
Totals                 27       2       4       2

E --Heimos
2B --Mueth
3B --
HR -- 
SB --
CS --
SF -- Picket
SH -- 
DP --
LOB --5
PO-A --27-7

                       Pitching Summary
Olney (East Richland)   IP      H       R       ER      BB      SO
Fisher                  7       4       2       0       0       6

Waterloo (Gibault)      IP      H       R       ER      BB      SO
Rheinecker              7       9       5       5       2       8

WP --Fisher
PB --
HBP --
Balk --

Score By Innings                   1 2 3 4 5 6 7   Totals
Visitors: Olney (East Richland)    0 2 0 0 3 0 0 - 5
Home: Waterloo (Gibault)           0 0 0 1 1 0 0 - 2

Umpires:Plate- Alan Albert, Chicago,IL
1st- James Padberg, Patoka, IL
3rd- Bob Rowatt, Milan, IL

Time -- 1:32
Attendance -- 627