Addison (Driscoll) 10, Teutopolis 7


1997 IHSA Class A Boys Baseball Tournament
June 6-7, 1997
Lanphier Park, Springfield

Quarterfinal Game #2

VisitorsTeutopolis Wooden Shoes"(25-7-1)Coach Rob Smith(1st Yr.25-7-1) vs. HomeAddison (Driscoll) Highlanders"(30-7)Coach Jeff Sefcik (5th Yr. 120-45)

Umpires:Plate- Doug Elledge, New Canton, IL
1st- Bradley Sterns, Springfield, IL
3rd- Kevin McMurray, Willow Springs, IL

Game time: 2:05 p.m.
Weather: Overcast and warm
Wind: none

Teutopolis 1st: Aaron Goeckner ropes a triple over the centerfielders head; Kyle Westendorf grounds out to first, run scores from third, 1 out; John Niebrugge grounds out to second, 4-3, 2 outs; Jim Grunloh flies out to right for the third out,F9, 3 outs. 1-1-0-0

Addison (Driscoll) 1st: Shayne New strikes out, 1 out; Mike Wisniewski walks; Jason Aspito doubles down the left field line sending Wisniewski to third; Matt Deichl fouls out to 3rd baseman, 5U, 2 outs; Christian Banach hits to 2nd, E-4 lets Wisniewski and Aspito score, no RBI's; Brian Rust ( Banach steals 2nd on 1st pitch) singles up the middle, throw to first is wild E-6 allowing Banach to score, no RBI, Rust to 2nd on throwing error; Jeff Aspito gets bad hop single to LF, Rust scores on play, RBI, Aspito to 2nd on throw to plate; Marc Trent is hit by the pitch; Mike Keegan pops out to 1st base, F-3. 4-3-2-2

Teutopolis 2nd: Todd Schmidt singles to LF; Mike Buening walks, Schmidt to 2nd; Mitch Koester bunts, out 1-3SAC, Schmidt to 3rd, Buening to 2nd; Kyle Weber grounds out 5-3 Schmidt scores, Buening to 3rd, RBI, 2 out; Johnny King reaches on E-5, Buening scores, no RBI; Aaron Goechner(King thrown out stealing 2-6). 2-1-1-0

Addison(Driscoll)2nd: Shayne New walks; Mike Wisniewski (New thrown out on delayed steal, 2-4) doubles down the RF line; Jason Aspito lines down the firstbase line, single, Wisniewski scores from 2nd, RBI; Matt Deichl (Aspito steals 2nd) grounds out 5-3, Aspito to 3rd on the throw, 2 out; Christian Banach singles to Left center, Aspito scores, RBI; Brian Rust flies out to RF, F-9. 2-3-0-1

Teutopolis 3rd:Aaron Goechner walks; Kyle Westendorf (Goechner to 2nd on Passed Ball) walks; (Scott Thede relieses S. Shore) John Niebrugge(Goechner steals 3rd, Westendorf stays at 1s) walks, Westendorf to 2nd,; Jim Grunloh loops single to LCF, Goechner and Westendorf score, 2 RBI's, Neibrugge stops at 2nd; Todd Schmidt SAC BUNT, out 1`-3, Neibrugge to 3rd, Gruloh to 2nd; Mike Buening grounds to 2nd, out 4-3, Neibrugge scores, RBI, Grunloh thrown out at plate 3-2 trying to sco re. 3-1-0-0

Addison(Driscoll)3rd: Jeff Aspito fans; Marc Trent pops out to pitcher, F-1; Mike Keegan walks; Shayne New drops single in front of CF'er, Keegan stops at 2nd; Mike Wisniewski doubles just inside the 1stbaseline, Keegan scores, RBI, new to third; Jason Aspito flies out to LF, F-7. 1-2-0-2

Teutopolis 4th: Mitch Koester singles off 3rdbase bag; Kyle Weber bunts, SAC out 1-3, Koester to 2nd, 1 out; Johnny King reaches on E-6 as high throw pulls 1st baseman, Koester stays at 2nd; Aaron Goechner hits to second , King out 4-6 FC, 2 out, Koester scores on errant throw to first, E-6, throwning; Kyle Westendorf fans. 1-1-2-1

Addison(Driscoll)4th: Matt Deichl flies out to second, F-4, 1 out; Christian Banach triples to RCF wall; Brian Rust doubles to LCF fence, Banach scores, RBI; (Jim Grunloh relieves Schmidt, ) Jeff Aspito singles to RF, Rust called out for missing 3rd base, 2out; Marc Trent singles to LF, Aspito to 2nd; Mike Keegan walks on four pitches, Aspito to 3rd, Trent to 2nd; Shayne New (Aspito scores on WP, Trent to 3rd, Keegan to second) walks to load bases; Mike Wisniewski is hit by pitch, Trent scores, RBI, Keegan to 3rd, New to 2nd; Jason Aspito fouls out to 1st, F-1. 3-4-0-3

Teutopolis 5th: John Neibrugge grounds out 4-3; Jim Grunloh walks; Corey Weber(for T. Schmidt) grounds out 6-3, Grunloh to 2nd, 2 out; Mike Buening grounds out to 1st, 3-U. 0-0-0-1

Addison(Driscoll)5th: Matt Deichl fans; Christian Banach flies out to deep LF; Brian Rust walks; Jeff Aspito singles to LCF, Rust to 2nd; Marc Trent (Tony Spidale runs for Rust) walks, Spidale to third, Aspito to 2nd; (Tony Funneman relieves Grunloh) Mike Keegan grounds out 4-3. 0-1-0-3

Teutoopolis 6th: Mitch Koester singles to CF; Kyle Weber grounds to short, Koester out FC6-4; Johnny King (Weber to 2nd on Wild Pitc) strikes out swinging; Aaron Goechner (Weber picked off 1-6). 0- 1-0-0

Addison(Driscoll)6th: Shane New grounds to first, out 3-1 as pitcher covers; Mike Wisniewski grounds out 5-3 for 2nd out; Jason Aspito fans. 0-0-0-0

Teutopolis 7th: Aaron Goeckner walks; Kyle Westendorf flies out to LF, 1out; John Niebrugge hits into 4-6-3 Double play to end the game. 0-0-0-0

Game ends: 4:06
Time of the game: 1:58

Quotes and Notes

Winning coach, Jeff Sefcik, Driscoll: "We've been hitting the ball well all year, but we didn't field well today. We got lost on the way to the game and didn't have much time to get ready to play."

Losing coach, Rob Smith, Teutopolis: "We capitalized on their fielding, but I thought we had the jitters. Neither team fielded well, but they hit the ball as good as we knew they would."

Box Score

 1997 IHSA Class A Boys Baseball Tournament
Quarterfinal Game #2

Teutopolis ()           AB      R       H       RBI
Aaron Goeckner,CF       2       2       1       0
Doug Westendorf,LF      3       1       0       1
John Niebrugge, C       3       1       0       0
Jim Grunloh,1st         2       0       1       2
Todd Schmidt,P          1       1       1       0
Mike Bruening,DH        2       1       0       1
Jason Herboth           0       0       0       0
Mitch Koester,5         2       1       2       0
Kyle Weber,SS           2       0       0       1
Johnny King,LF          2       0       0       0
Totals                 19       7       5       5

E --Westendorf, K. Weber
2B --
3B --Goeckner
HR -- 
SB --Goeckner
CS --
SF --
SH -- Koestner, T. Schmidt, K. Weber
DP --
LOB -- 2
PO-A --18-5

Addison (Driscoll) ( )  AB      R       H       RBI
Mike Wisniewski,2b      3       2       2       2
Shayne New,LF           3       0       1       0
Jason Aspito,SS         5       2       2       1
Matt Deichl,CF          4       0       0       0
Christian Banach,RF     4       2       2       1
Brian Rust,C            3       1       2       1
Tony Spidale,PR         0       0       0       0
Jeff Aspito,1b          4       1       3       1
Marc Trent,DH           2       1       1       0
Mike Keegan,3b          2       1       0       0
Totals                 30      10      13       6

E --Keegan, Ja. Aspito 2
2B --Ja. Aspito, Wisniewski 2, Rust
3B --Banach
HR -- 
SB --Banach, Ja. Aspito
CS --
SF -- 
SH -- 
DP --
LOB --11
PO-A --21-11

                     Pitching Summary
Teutopolis              IP      H       R       ER      BB      SO
T. Schmidt              3 1/3   10      8       4       3       1
Grunloh                 1 1/3   3       2       2       4       1
Funneman                1 1/3   0       0       0       0       1

Addison (Driscoll)      IP      H       R       ER      BB      SO
Shore                   2       2       5       4       3       0
Thede                   5       3       2       1       2       2

WP -- Thede
PB --Rust
HBP --Trent (by Schmidt) Wisnieski (by Grnloh)
Balk --

Score By Innings             1 2 3 4 5 6 7  Totals
Visitors:Teutopolis          1 2 3 1 0 0 0 -  7
Home: Addison (Driscoll)     4 2 1 3 0 0 x - 10

Umpires:Plate- Bradley Stearns, Springfield, IL
1st- Doug Elledge, New Canton, IL
3rd- Kevin McMurray, Willow Springs, IL

Time -- 1:58
Attendance 400 est.--