IHSA Announcements

December 16, 2004

IHSA Schools Approve 5 of 5 Proposals On Annual Ballot

All five proposals on the ballot in the annual Illinois High School Association (IHSA) member school referendum were approved in voting by the membership. The online ballots were tabulated and certified in the IHSA Office Thursday (Dec. 16).  Except as noted, all the proposals take effect July 1, 2005.

By a vote of 472-2, a proposal to change Article 1.470 of the IHSA Constitution was approved. The change clarifies criteria for principals who are appointed to the Board to fill at-large vacancies, and sets the length of all Board appointments through the end of the original term, instead of until the next election.

Member schools approved a change in Article 2.080 of the Constitution by a vote of 452-23. The change allows each sport program with a school to hold one informational meeting prior to the start of the season to provide information regarding tryouts, procedures and forms that need to be on file.

By-law 3.153 was changed by a vote of 410-63.  Member schools will be allowed to start their 25 summer contact days on the last day of classes in the spring or Monday of Week 49 in the IHSA Standardized Calendar (whichever date is earlier).  This proposal takes effect in 30 days.

By a vote of 447-27, member schools voted to change By-law 3.154 to clarify that while schools may transport students from their schools to summer league contests, coaching schools, clinics or other non-school contests during the summer, this may happen only during the contact-day period.

Finally, By-laws 5.071 and 5.201 were changed by a vote of 377-97 to set the start of the boys and girls golf seasons a few days earlier.  Golf teams may now start practice on Wednesday of Week 6 on the IHSA Standardized Calendar (instead of Monday of Week 7), and conduct their first interscholastic contests as early as Monday of Week 7 (instead of Friday of Week 7).

The complete listing of proposals can be found by clicking here