IHSA Announcements

December 19, 2000

2000 Annual Referendum Ballots Counted

All three proposals in the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) annual referendum were approved by the membership when ballots were counted in the IHSA Office Tuesday (Dec. 19).

Tabulation of the ballots concluded the annual process in which the membership votes on proposals to change the Association's Constitution and/or By-laws. It begins each fall when any member principal submits a proposal to the IHSA Legislative Commission. The Commission meets twice in November. The first time proponents and/or opponents of each submitted proposal appear before the Commission to discuss a proposal's merits. Then statewide Town Meetings are held at 21 sites and the pros and cons of each submitted proposal are reviewed by the elected Commission member with constituents. Following the Town Meetings, the Commission meets for a final time and votes to place or not to place each submitted proposal on the annual ballot. This year nine proposals were submitted and the Commission placed three on the ballot.

Each member school may cast a vote for or against each proposal on the ballot. Ballots are mailed back to the IHSA Office for tabulation. A simple majority carries or defeats each proposal. Each of the proposals becomes effective July 1, 2001. Following is the breakdown of the voting in the 2000 annual referendum process:

Proposal No. 1: Yes 539, No 8. Amend Article 1.370 of the Constitution to direct the IHSA Board of Directors to meet at least ten (10) times per year.

Proposal No. 4: Yes 501, No 46. Amend Section 3.071 (Student By-laws) by revising and relocating it as a new Section 2.140 (School By-laws) to modify the physical examination requirement. The approved proposal takes the responsibility from the student and gives it to the student's school. It requires each member school to have on file for each student who participates (including practice) a certificate of fitness issued by a licensed physician as set forth in the School Code not more than 365 days preceding any date of participation in any such practice, contest or activity.

Proposal No. 9: Yes 393, No 154. Amend Section 6.021 of the By-laws by creating options for penalty to a school when it uses an ineligible student in any interscholastic contest. The approved proposal provides that one or more of the following actions may apply to the use of an ineligible student: suspension of the student from further competition, or placement of the school on probation for one (1) calendar year, or forfeiture of the contest. The proposal also provides that the IHSA Executive Director or Board of Directors may set aside any penalties if it is determined the facts, findings or other information demonstrates the ineligible student provided the school false information upon which the student was certified eligible.