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State Tournament

State Final: Friday - Saturday, February 16-17, 2024

Site: Peoria Civic Center

Competing schools at the IHSA Speech State Final in Peoria are encouraged to make hotel reservations here:  Lodging

IHSA Merchandise - State Final Apparel & Souvenirs: Minerva Promotions

Streaming of Awards - Saturday, February 17th, 6 p.m.:    NFHS Network  -  Order Digital Download


Attention New and Veteran Coaches:  Join us for our annual Illinois Communication and Theatre Association (ICTA) Conference at Heartland Community College, Normal, Friday and Saturday, September 15 and 16, 2023. This year's ICTA Conference will feature something for every teacher and coach including sessions on technology trends, current classroom challenges, GIFTS (Great Ideas For Teaching Students), and discussions with IHSA and IIFA leadership to prepare Illinois coaches and judges for the competitive season.  As the 2023 ICTA Convention gets closer, be sure to check the ICTA website for updates on sessions and events coming your way. 

2023 Illinois Commuication and Theatre Association Conference

September 15 & 16 - Heartland Community College, 1500 W. Raab Rd., Normal, IL - Register Here 

2023-23 Speech Invitational Competiton Calendar 



The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) such as ChatGPT will be considered a form of plagiarism. Any participants’ use of AI before, during, or after a tournament to generate a speech, MAY result in being ranked last, disqualified, or having their advancement revoked. 

USE OF ELECTRONIC LISTENING DEVICES (headphones, iPods, noise-canceling devices, etc) IN EXTEMP AND RADIO PREP

While we do not have a rule on this subject and it’s not addressed in the terms and conditions, by state association adoption this would be prohibited.


While using a traditional stopwatch to time during Extemp and/or Radio Prep is preferred, the use of electronic devices, including cell phones, will be permitted during Prep for the purposes of timing. 

Reminder: Any student found to be communicating with anyone outside of the prep room will be subject to disqualification. 


No electronic devices, including cell phones, are allowed to leave the prep room in order to avoid distractions in the performance space.


Speakers will be permitted to use their own timing device, including cell phones, to time during their performance. 

Regardless of device choice, the speaker will be solely responsible for the proper functioning of their personal timer. 

Any stopwatch malfunction or cell phone distraction, such as but not limited to, the phone going off, the student performer getting distracted by a push notification on their screen, the screen/timer blacking out during the performance, etc., are not reasons for protesting the results of the round or to give the student another opportunity to perform. 

As per the rules, there will be one timer in the room with the radio speaker to time and display time cards. The timer must use a traditional stopwatch and may NOT use a cell phone to time.


IHSA 2022-23 Speech Season Invitational Calendar 

Interested in judging speech?  IHSA member schools are always looking for speech judges.  Contact your area/local school speech coach for details and information on judging invitational contests.