IHSA ScoreZone

IHSA ScoreZone

The IHSA ScoreZone has been reconfigured for the new IHSA Web site.  To access the scores for your favorite sport, simply go that that sport's yellow menu ("State Series Information & Results"), find the ScoreZone link, and for sports held in more than one class, click on the class you are interested in.

ScoreZone also operates during the boys football regular season (since those games determine who makes the playoffs).  For those games, go the "Conference Schedules, Standings & Results" menu.

Here are some shortcuts to the menus for the various seasons:




Boys Football (regular season)

Boys Football (playoffs)

Boys Soccer

Girls Volleyball

Boys Wrestling

Scholastic Bowl

Girls Basketball

Boys Basketball

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Boys Water Polo

Boys Volleyball

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Boys Baseball

About the Interactive ScoreZone

The Interactive ScoreZone depends almost exclusively on reports submitted via the Internet by school personnel. Schools are not required to submit reports while the contest is in progress, but may do so if they wish. If your game is over and the score is not listed, most likely the responsible party from the host school hasn't gone online to report it. IHSA personnel do not track down missing scores on the day of the contest.


The IHSA ScoreZone open for the first time in 1997. In its first 15 years of operation (through 2010-11) it has displayed about 110,000 scores.