IHSA Announces Classifications for 2016-17

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Here are the classification ranges approved by the IHSA Board of Directors for the 2016-17 school term:

Sport or Activity


Classification Ranges

Fraction of
Team Entries
Per Class

Boys Basketball &
Girls Basketball


1A: up to 270.00
2A: 270.01 to 557.00
3A: 557.01 to 1368.00
4A: 1368.01 and over


Boys Baseball &
Girls Softball


1A: up to 291.00
2A: 291.01 to 584.00
3A: 584.01 to 1440.00
4A: 1440.01 and over


Boys Cross Country &
Girls Cross Country


1A: up to 710.00
2A: 710.01 to 1635.00
3A: 1635.01 and over


Boys Track & Field &
Girls Track & Field


1A: up to 479.00
2A: 479.01 to 1318.00
3A: 1318.01 and over


Competitive Cheerleading


S: up to 660.00
M: 660.01 to 1686.00
L: 1686.01 and over
C: by choice


Competitive Dance


1A: up to 1217.00
2A: 1217.01 to 2006.00
3A: 2006.01 and over


Boys Golf


1A: up to 518.00
2A: 518.01 to 1440.00
3A: 1440.01 and over


Girls Golf


A: up to 1015.00
AA: 1015.01 and over


Boys Soccer


1A: up to 669.00
2A: 669.01 to 1564.00
3A: 1564.01 and over


Girls Soccer


1A: up to 734.00
2A: 734.01 to 1656.00
3A: 1656.01 and over


Boys Tennis


A: up to 1441.00
AA: 1441.01 and over


Girls Tennis


A: up to 1377.00
AA: 1377.01 and over


Girls Volleyball


1A: up to 233.00
2A: 233.01 to 511.00
3A: 511.01 to 1318.00
4A: 1318.01 and over


Boys Wrestling


1A: up to 665.00
2A: 665.01 to 1618.00
3A: 1618.01 and over


Scholastic Bowl


A: up to 509.00
AA: 509.01 and over




D: up to 188.00
C: 188.01 to 334.00
B: 334.01 to 631.00
A: 631.01 to 1330.00
AA: 1330.01 and over


Boys Football


determined at the end of the regular season



In four pairs of boys and girls sports that take place in the same sport season, the enrollment cutoffs, which were similar, were made identical. In most cases this policy changed the cutoff by only a few students and often moved only one or two schools to a lower class in one of the sports. The pairs of sports involved were boys/girls cross country, boys/girls basketball, boys/girls track and field, and boys baseball/girls softball.


Success Adjustment

A non-boundaried school that has won two trophies in the same class over the past four school terms, and at least one trophy in the past two school terms, is subject to the success adjustment. The following sport programs were moved up one class (indicated in parentheses). Schools that would have been placed in the highest class even without the success adjustment are not shown.

Boys Baseball: Wheaton (St. Francis) (4A).

Boys Basketball: Belleville (Althoff Catholic) (4A), Rockford (Lutheran) (4A), Westchester (St. Joseph) (4A).

Girls Basketball: Elmhurst (IC Catholic) (3A), Lombard (Montini) (4A).

Boys Cross Country: Lansing (Illiana Christian) (3A).

Girls Cross Country: Urbana (University) (2A).

Boys Football: Lombard (Montini) (6A), Springfield (Sacred Heart-Griffin) (6A).

Boys Golf: Winnetka (North Shore Country Day) (2A).

Girls Softball: Kankakee (McNamara) (3A), Springfield (Sacred Heart-Griffin) (4A).

Boys Soccer: Arlington Heights (St. Viator) (3A), Elmhurst (Timothy Christian) (2A), Peoria (Notre Dame) (3A), Rockford (Keith Country Day) (2A), Urbana (University) (2A), West Chicago (Wheaton Academy) (3A).

Girls Soccer: Alton (Marquette) (2A).

Girls Track & Field: Normal (University) (3A).

Girls Volleyball: Joliet (Catholic Academy) (4A), Rockford (Keith Country Day) (2A), Wheaton (St. Francis) (4A).

Boys Wrestling: Lombard (Montini) (3A).

Scholastic Bowl: Peoria (P. Christian) (AA), Sterling (Newman Central Catholic) (AA), Urbana (University) (AA).


Classification, Multiplier, and Waiver Timeline

Here is a summary of recent events involving classification:

1971-72 – Boys basketball becomes the first IHSA sport to be split into two classes. (Classes already existed in certain non-athletic activities such as music.) Over the ensuing years, many IHSA sports adopt the two-class format.

2005-06 – The IHSA Board implements a policy establishing a 1.65 enrollment multiplier on non-boundaried schools over 400 students and gives the Executive Director the ability to waive the multiplier for specific programs, upon application by a school, in all sports except football.

October 2005 – In response to a lawsuit filed by 32 member schools, the parties agree to put the multiplier issue to a vote of the general membership.

January 2006 – By a vote of 450-143, the IHSA membership approves a by-law proposal imposing a 1.65 enrollment multiplier on all non-boundaried schools. The new by-law does not provide for any waiver of the multiplier.

2007-08 – The first three- and four-class tournaments are held. The cutoffs for all two-, three-, and four-class tournaments are the same across all sports and activities.

January 2009 – By a vote of 197-218, the IHSA membership rejects a by-law proposal that would have allowed the Board of Directors to create a policy for granting waivers of the 1.65 multiplier.

January 2010 – By a vote of 255-175, the IHSA membership approves a by-law proposal allowing the Board of Directors to create a policy for granting waivers of the 1.65 multiplier.

2010-11 – The policy approved by the Board of Directors allows the Executive Director to waive the 1.65 multiplier, on application by a school, if a sport or activity program, over the past six years, has not met certain benchmarks indicating success in the IHSA state series.

2011-12 – The waiver policy is changed to automatically grant a waiver to any sport or activity program that, over the previous six years, has not met certain benchmarks indicating success in the IHSA state series.  At the same time, the classification policy is changed to determine cutoffs in each sport and activity independently, and in team sports, to create classes that are essentially equal in size.

2015-16 – The waiver policy is changed to automatically grant a waiver to any sport or activity program that, over the past four years, has not met a more restrictive set of benchmarks indicating success in the IHSA state series. In addition, a success adjustment is implemented that moves a program that has shown sustained success (at least two trophies over the past four years, one of which is in the last two years) up one class.


Official enrollments, sorted alphabetically
Official enrollments, sorted numerically
Waiver status of non-boundaried schools
Classifications in each sport and activity


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