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2022 IHSA Winter State Series Advancement Procedures For COVID-19 School Withdrawals

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The IHSA Board of Directors directed IHSA staff to prepare for circumstances to return individuals or teams to an IHSA State Series following elimination when their opponent is unable to continue in the state series due to COVID-19 implications.

If a team or individual is unable to continue after the first round of competition, that school’s administration will immediately contact the IHSA Sport/Activity administrator so steps can be taken to create a full tournament experience. Some sports will follow their current Terms and Conditions parameters, while others will be adjusted. 2022 Winter sports and procedures provided below:  

Boys and Girls Basketball – If a school cannot advance a team (or bring up sub varsity players) then the last school they played will move on.
Deadline: notification of a team’s withdrawal must be made to the IHSA Office no later than six (6) hours before the established start time of the next game the school would play.

Bowling – Will follow established language in Terms and Conditions for individuals. IHSA sport administrator will modify to address a team situation.  

Cheerleading – Will follow established language in Terms and Conditions.  If the whole team is quarantined, the 6th place sectional team may advance. Schools can pull any 9-12th grader up from their roster before removing the team. 

Dance - Will follow established language in Terms and Conditions.

Girls Gymnastics – Next advancing At-Large team or individual will move up. 

Boys Swimming & Diving – In swimming and diving event, if the Sectional event champion cannot compete at the State Final, then that Sectional’s 2nd place finisher in the impacted event(s) will be invited to compete at the State Final. Additionally, in the diving event, if an at-large qualifier cannot compete in the State Final, then the first available at-large participant below the Sectional diving cut score will be invited to compete at the State Final

Wrestling – Will follow established language in Individual Terms and Conditions. If the whole team is quarantined, the defeated team at Sectional may advance. Schools have flexibility to use any wrestler on their body fat roster.  

Chess – Will follow established language in Terms and Conditions. A team must withdraw by the Friday before State (Feb. 4, 2022) to be replaced by next ranked team from Sectionals. 

Debate – Will follow established language in Terms and Conditions

Drama – Will follow established language in Terms and Conditions

Scholastic Bowl – If a regional or sectional champion cannot compete in the sectional or State Final, then the 2nd place team will move on. In case of ties for 2nd place in the sectional round robin, the Sectional tie breaking procedures outlined in section VI.B of the Scholastic Bowl Terms and Conditions will be applied to break the tie and determine the 2nd place team for advancing purposes.
Deadline:  Notification of a team’s withdrawal must be made to the IHSA Scholastic Bowl Administrator no later than six (6) hours before the established start time of the next contest the school would compete.

Speech – Will follow established language in Terms and Conditions - next advancing student moves up. 



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