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2017 IHSA Football Weekly Rankings

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Please note that the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) does not conduct or vote in any rankings or polls for any sports, nor do polls or rankings factor into State Series assigning. The Associated Press produces statewide class-by-class polls throughout the season in Football, Boys Basketball and Girls Basketball. produces Regional & National rankings in multiple sports. (Edgy) Tim O'Halloran produces a Chicagoland Top 25 for NBC Sports Chicago and Top 10 in Class 5A-8A. Those polls are provided for fans below.

2017 IHSA Football Rankings

                MAXPREPS                 EDGYTIM/
Preseason (8/23)                 Preseason:  National                 Pre:  Top 25
Week 2  (8/29)
                WK1:  National
                WK1:  Top 25
Week 3  (9/6)
                WK2:  National
                WK2:  Top 25 
Week 4  (9/13)
                WK3:  National
                WK3:  Top 25  -   5A-8A
Week 5  (9/19)
                WK4:  National
                WK4:  Top 25  -   5A-8A
Week 6  (9/26)
                WK5:  National
                WK5:  Top 25  -   5A-8A
Week 7  (10/3)
                WK6:  National                 WK6:  Top 25 
Week 8  (10/10)
                WK7:  National
                WK7:  Top 25 
Week 9  (10/17)
                WK8:  National
                WK8:  Top 25 
Final  (10/24)
                WK9:  No rankings
                WK9:  Top 25 
                  WK10:  National                 WK10:  Top 25 
                  WK11:  National                 WK11:  Top 25 
                  WK12:  National                 WK12:  Top 25 
                  WK13:  National
                WK13:  Top 25 
                  WK14:  National                 WK14:  Top 25