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Marty Hickman on the post-game handshake

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The traditional post-game handshake in high school sports has been in the news of late in the face of high school events around the country ending in controversy or altercations. In the wake of these discussions, IHSA Executive Director Marty Hickman reiterated that the post-game handshake is here to stay in high school sports in Illinois:

“The IHSA believes that the post-game handshake is a valuable tradition that helps provide perspective to participants that the value of participation is more important than the outcome of the event. We have no doubt that our young people, coaches, and officials have the integrity and maturity necessary to carry on this practice. It is, and will continue to be, a symbol of sportsmanship in high school sports in Illinois and we believe it is widely supported by our principals and athletic administrators. Former IHSA administrator H.V. Porter wrote in 1939 that ‘sportsmanship is largely a matter of habit’ and his words still ring true today.” 

-Marty Hickman, IHSA Executive Director

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