Alber, Cortez & Jimenez Make History With Fourth Wrestling State Titles

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Alber, Cortez & Jimenez Make History With Fourth Wrestling State Titles

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Fans attending the 2014 IHSA Individual Wrestling State Finals at the State Farm Center in Champaign on Saturday, February 22 witnessed history, times three over, as a trio of wrestlers completed their high school careers as four-time state champions.

Dakota High School’s Josh Alber, Glenbard North’s Jered Cortez and Marmion Academy’s Johnny Jimenez all achieved the historic feat within about 30 minutes of one another that evening. The triad joined the list of 11 individuals in state history who had previously won four state titles who are listed below:

Mark Ruettiger
, Providence, 1978A (98), 1979A (112), 1980A (119), 1981A (126)
Joey Gilbert, Andrew, 1986AA (126), 1987AA, (132), 1988AA, (132), 1989AA (135)
Mike Mena, Newman Cent. Cath., 1989A (112), 1990A (119), 1991A (125), 1992A (125)
Joe Williams, Chi. Mt. Carmel, 1990AA (135), 1991AA (152), 1992AA (153), 1993AA (160)
T.J. Williams, Chi. Mt. Carmel, 1993AA (135), 1994AA (140), 1995AA (145), 1996AA (145)
David Douglas, Luther South, 1994A (112), Dolton (Thornridge), 1995AA (119), 1996AA (130), 1997AA (135)
Chase Beebe, Montini, 2000A (103), 2001A (112), 2002A (125), 2003A (130)
Conor Beebe, Montini, 2002A (103), 2003A (112), 2004A (125), 2005A (125)
Albert White, St. Rita, 2004AA (135), 2005AA (140), 2006AA (145), 2007AA (152)
Mike Benefiel, Montini, 2004A, 2005A, 2006AA (152), 2007AA (171)
Seth Milks, Dakota, 2006A (103), 2007A (112), 2008A (119), 2009 1A (130)
Josh Alber, Dakota, 2011-1A (103), 2012-1A (120), 2013-1A (120), 2014-1A (132)
Jered Cortez, Marmion, 2011-3A (112), Glenbard North, 2012-3A (120), 2013-3A (126); 2014-3A (132)
Johnny Jimenez, Marmion, 2011-2A (103), 2012-2A (113), 2013-3A (120), 2014-3A (126)

See the closing moments of Alber and Cortez’s championship matches, while Jimenez’s reaction is captured in GIF form:

Dakota High School’s Josh Alber:

Glenbard North’s Jered Cortez:

Marmion’s Johnny Jimenez:

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