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Western Illinois Football ScoreZone   
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At Aledo (Mercer County)
Aledo (Mercer County) 26 F
Princeville 13
At Beardstown
Beardstown 48 F
Greenfield [G.-Northwestern Coop] 14
At Biggsville (West Central)
Kewanee (Wethersfield) [A.-Wethersfield Coop] 49 F
Biggsville (West Central) 24
At Cambridge
Cambridge [Ridgewood Coop] 14 F
Monmouth (United) 26
At Camp Point (Central)
Camp Point (Central) 34 F
Carrollton 28
At Carthage (Illini West)
Astoria [South Fulton Coop] 8 F
Carthage (Illini West) 36
At East Moline (United)
East Moline (United) 42 F
Richton Park (Rich South) 36
At Farmington
Lewistown 14 F
Farmington 46
At Hardin (Calhoun)
Concord (Triopia) [Coop] 20 F
Hardin (Calhoun) [Coop] 22
At Havana
Abingdon (A.-Avon) 34 F
Havana [Coop] 33
At Illinois College
Jacksonville (Routt) [Coop] 50 F
Winchester [West Central Coop] 12
At Knoxville
Peoria Heights [Coop] 20 F
Knoxville 60
At Macomb
Mahomet (M.-Seymour) 56 F
Macomb 6
At Moline (H.S.)
Moline (H.S.) 28 F
Palos Hills (Stagg) 27
At Pleasant Hill
Pleasant Hill [Coop] 48 F
Mendon (Unity) [Coop] 7
At Quincy (Sr.)
Quincy (Sr.) 34 F
Quincy (Notre Dame) 29
At Rock Island (Alleman)
Rock Island (Alleman) 7 F
Chicago Heights (Bloom Twp.) 44
At Rock Island (H.S.)
Rock Island (H.S.) 33 F
Aurora (Metea Valley) 37
At Rushville (R.-Industry)
Rushville (R.-Industry) 20 F
Elmwood [E.-Brimfield Coop] 60
At Sciota
Cuba [North Fulton Coop] 6 F
Sciota (West Prairie) [Bushnell-West Prairie Coop] 33
At White Hall (North Greene)
White Hall (North Greene) 34 F
Mt. Sterling (Brown County) 48
At Wyoming
Oneida (ROWVA) [Mid-County Coop] 21 F
Toulon (Stark County) 28

About the Interactive ScoreZone

The Interactive ScoreZone depends exclusively on reports submitted via the Internet by school personnel. Schools are not required to submit reports while the contest is in progress, but may do so if they wish. If your game is over and the score is not listed, most likely the responsible party from the host school hasn't gone online to report it. IHSA personnel do not track down missing scores on the day of the contest.

Key to Symbols

Gray Bar Green Bar Yellow Bar Red Bar
A contest awaiting a final score A "live game" — a contest in progress, with the score being updated periodically A postponed or suspended contest A completed contest with the final score

Blue text indicates the winner of the contest.

An asterisk (*) indicates the school that most recently submitted information on the contest.