Oak Park (O.P.-River Forest)

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Background Information


Season Summaries

(Titles, Won-Lost Records,

and Head Coaches)

Oak Park and River Forest High School

201 N. Scoville Ave. (Google map, other maps)

Oak Park, IL 60302-2296


Phone: 708-383-0700

Fax: 708-434-3913

School Web Site: www.oprfhs.org


Enrollment: 3370

Conference(s): West Suburban

Nickname(s): Huskies (boys), Huskies (girls)

Colors: Orange/Blue

School Type: Public Coed

County: Cook

Cities in District: Oak Park 55,006; River Forest 12,400

Board Division: 3, Legislative District: 7


IHSA Official Representative: John Stelzer  jstelzer@oprfhs.org
   phone 708-434-3000   fax 708-434-3913

Superintendent: Joylynn Pruitt  jpruitt@oprfhs.org

Principal: Nate Rouse  nrouse@oprfhs.org
   phone 708-434-3205   fax 708-434-3922

Principal's Assistant: Deloris Collins  dacollins@oprfhs.org
   phone 708-434-3505   fax 708-434-3922

Boys Athletic Director: John Stelzer  jstelzer@oprfhs.org
   phone 708-434-3000   fax 708-434-3913

Boys Athletic Director's Assistant: Lori Foley  lfoley@oprfhs.org
   phone 708-434-3600   fax 708-434-3913

Girls Athletic Director: Courtney Sakellaris  csakellaris@oprfhs.org
   phone 708-434-3500   fax 708-434-3913

Girls Athletic Director's Assistant: Lynn Granzyk  lgranzyk@oprfhs.org

Activities Director: Susan Johnson  sjohnson@oprfhs.org

Boys Athletics — Head Coaches

Boys Baseball Head Coach: Joe Parenti  jparenti@Oprfhs.org

Boys Basketball Head Coach: Matt Maloney  mmaloney@oprfhs.org

Boys Cross Country Head Coach: Chris Baldwin  cbaldwin@oprfhs.org

Boys Diving Head Coach: Mark Pappalardo  mpappalardo@oprfhs.org

Boys Football Head Coach: John Hoerster  jhoerster@oprfhs.org

Boys Golf Head Coach: Bill Young  byoung@oprfhs.org

Boys Gymnastics Head Coach: Kris Wright  kwright@oprfhs.org

Boys Lacrosse Head Coach: Rocco Chierici  rocco1@bloomberg.net

Boys Soccer Head Coach: Jason Fried  jfried@oprfhs.org

Boys Swimming & Diving Head Coach: Clyde Lundgren  clundgren@oprfhs.org

Boys Tennis Head Coach: John Morlidge

Boys Track & Field Head Coach: Tim Hasso  thasso@oprfhs.org

Boys Volleyball Head Coach: Don August  daugust@oprfhs.org

Boys Water Polo Head Coach: John Rapp

Boys Wrestling Head Coach: Paul Collins  pdcollins@oprfhs.org

Girls Athletics — Head Coaches

Girls Badminton Head Coach: Paul Wright  pwright@oprfhs.org

Girls Basketball Head Coach: J.P. Coughlin  jcoughlin@oprfhs.org

Girls Cross Country Head Coach: Ashley Raymond  araymond424@gmail.com

Competitive Cheerleading Head Coach: Melody Brown  mbrown@oprfhs.org

Competitive Dance Head Coach: Carley Tarantino  ctarantino@oprfhs.org

Competitive Drill Team Head Coach: Carley Tarantino  ctarantino@oprfhs.org

Girls Diving Head Coach: Mark Pappalardo  mpappalardo@oprfhs.org

Girls Field Hockey Head Coach: Kristen Wirtz  kwirtz@oprfhs.org

Girls Golf Head Coach: Matthew McMurray  mmcmurray@oprfhs.org

Girls Gymnastics Head Coach: Kris Wright  kwright@oprfhs.org

Girls Lacrosse Head Coach: TBA

Girls Softball Head Coach: Mel Kolbusz  mkolbusz@oprfhs.org

Girls Soccer Head Coach: TBA

Girls Swimming & Diving Head Coach: Clyde Lundgren  clundgren@oprfhs.org

Girls Tennis Head Coach: Fred Galluzzo  fgalluzzo@oprfhs.org

Girls Track & Field Head Coach: Nick Michalek  nmichalek@oprfhs.org

Girls Volleyball Head Coach: Kelly Collins  kcollins@oprfhs.org

Girls Water Polo Head Coach: Beth Perez

Athletic Medical Staff

Certified Athletic Trainer: Audrey Gaberik  agaberik@oprfhs.org

Certified Athletic Trainer: Dave Heidloff  dheidloff@oprfhs.org

Activities — Head Coaches, Advisers, and Directors

Chess Coach: William Aramil  arathrill@sbcglobal.net

Debate Coach: Tim Freehan  debateoprf@gmail.com

Drama Director: Michelle Bayer  mbayer@oprfhs.org

Speech Coach: Patt Cheney  pcheney@oprfhs.org

Newspaper Adviser: Elizabeth Kaufman  ekaufman@oprfhs.org

Band Director: Anthony Svejda  asvejda@oprfhs.org

Orchestra Director: Anthony Svejda  asvejda@oprfhs.org

Vocal Director: Meredith McGuire  mmcguire@oprfhs.org

Marching Band Director: Anthony Svejda  asvejda@oprfhs.org

Scholastic Bowl Coach: Ginger Brent  gbrent@oprfhs.org

Non-Competitive Activities — Head Coaches, Advisers, and Directors

Sideline Cheer Coach: TBA

Student Council Adviser: TBA