Index of Member Schools

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— East, see Aurora (East)

— East, see Belleville (East)

— East, see Oswego (East)

— East, see Plainfield (East)

— East, see Rockford (East)

— East, see St. Charles (East)

— East Alton-Wood River, see Wood River (East Alton-W.R.)

East Dubuque

East Moline (United)

East Peoria

East St. Louis (SIUE Charter)

East St. Louis (Sr.)

— Eastland, see Lanark (Eastland)


— Edwards County, see Albion (Edwards County)

Edwardsville (H.S.)

Edwardsville (Metro-East Lutheran)

Effingham (H.S.)

Effingham (St. Anthony)

— Egyptian, see Tamms (Egyptian)

— Einstein Academy, see Elgin (Einstein Academy)

— Eisenhower, see Blue Island (Eisenhower)

— Eisenhower, see Decatur (Eisenhower)

El Paso (E.P.-Gridley)


Elgin (E. Academy)

Elgin (Einstein Academy)

Elgin (Harvest Christian Academy)

Elgin (H.S.)

Elgin (Larkin)

Elgin (St. Edward)

Elgin (Westminster Christian)

Elizabethtown (Hardin County)

Elk Grove Village (E.G.)

Elkville (Elverado)

Elmhurst (IC Catholic)

Elmhurst (Timothy Christian)

Elmhurst (York)


Elmwood Park

— Elverado, see Elkville (Elverado)

— EPIC Academy Charter, see Chicago (EPIC Academy Charter)



Evanston (Beacon Academy)

Evanston (Roycemore)

Evanston (Twp.)

Evansville (Christ Our Savior Lutheran)

Evergreen Park

— Excel Academy of Englewood, see Chicago (Excel Academy of Englewood)

— Excel Academy/Woodlawn, see Chicago (Excel Academy/Woodlawn)