Boys Swimming & Diving Sectional at St. Charles (East) — 2016-17

* Last updated at 4:33 pm on Saturday, February 18, 2017

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These results were submitted by the tournament or meet manager. If you notice an error or omission, please let us know immediately.

These results are posted as a convenience to fans and media, and need to be checked by the IHSA Office for accuracy and completeness. All names and results appearing on this report are subject to verification by the IHSA Office before advancement is official.

The results on this page include only those entries advancing to the state finals, except in diving, where the sectional champion advances to the state finals automatically, and an additional 32 at-large divers are chosen based on their scores. Some divers listed in sectional results will not advance to the state finals.

The meet manager has submitted complete results in a PDF document.

Team scores

1 St. Charles (East) 301
2 St. Charles (North) 278.50
3 Wheaton (North) 138
4 DeKalb 130
5 Carol Stream (Glenbard North) 119.50
6 West Chicago (H.S.) 110
7 Bartlett 104
8 Geneva 47
9 South Elgin 39
10 Huntley 32
11 West Chicago (Wheaton Academy) 32
12 Elgin (H.S.) 31
13 Wheaton (St. Francis) 16
14 Elgin (St. Edward) 7

200-Yard Medley Relay

St. Charles (North) 1 1:33.56
Srboljub Filipovic (Fr.), William Myhre (So.), Nate Baxter (Fr.), Jack Williams (Sr.)
St. Charles (East) 2 1:36.22
Nick Boryk (Sr.), Sean Yetter (Fr.), John Cranfill (Sr.), Matt Nagler (So.)

200-Yard Freestyle Relay

St. Charles (North) 1 1:25.81
William Myhre (So.), Jack Williams (Sr.), Nate Baxter (Fr.), Brad Whitehurst (So.)
St. Charles (East) 2 1:26.04
Matt Nagler (So.), Kyle Dunlap (Sr.), John Cranfill (Sr.), Harrison Hollman (Jr.)

400-Yard Freestyle Relay

St. Charles (East) 1 3:08.99
Matt Nagler (So.), Kyle Dunlap (Sr.), Nick Boryk (Sr.), John Cranfill (Sr.)
St. Charles (North) 2 3:10.67
Jack Williams (Sr.), Caymus Cairns (Sr.), Nick Wolff (Sr.), Brad Whitehurst (So.)

200-Yard Freestyle

Brad Whitehurst (So.) St. Charles (North) 1 1:43.26
Keegan Hawkins (Jr.) West Chicago (H.S.) 2 1:44.04

200-Yard Individual Medley

William Myhre (So.) St. Charles (North) 1 1:53.48
Kyle Lewarchick (Jr.) St. Charles (East) 2 1:55.99
Kyle Dunlap (Sr.) St. Charles (East) 3 1:56.27
Nate Baxter (Fr.) St. Charles (North) 4 1:57.33

50-Yard Freestyle

Riley Lohse (Jr.) DeKalb 1 21.27
Matt Nagler (So.) St. Charles (East) 2 21.54
Peter Andreev (Jr.) Carol Stream (Glenbard North) 3 21.64
Payton Glod (So.) Geneva 4 21.66


Joey Scimeca (Fr.) St. Charles (East) 1 461.50
Justin York (Jr.) South Elgin 2 393.95
Marshall Hernandez (So.) Wheaton (North) 3 386.90
Donovan Mann (So.) Bartlett 4 378.40
Chris Haase (Jr.) Wheaton (North) 5 366.55
JT Curcio (Fr.) St. Charles (East) 6 365.95

100-Yard Butterfly

Tyler Sesvold (Sr.) West Chicago (Wheaton Academy) 1 48.92
Matt Ortlund (Jr.) St. Charles (East) 2 50.70
John Cranfill (Sr.) St. Charles (East) 3 51.40
Nate Baxter (Fr.) St. Charles (North) 4 51.80

100-Yard Freestyle

Kyle Dunlap (Sr.) St. Charles (East) 1 46.98
Peter Andreev (Jr.) Carol Stream (Glenbard North) 2 47.13
Nick Boryk (Sr.) St. Charles (East) 3 47.39
Payton Glod (So.) Geneva 4 47.64

500-Yard Freestyle

Brad Whitehurst (So.) St. Charles (North) 1 4:38.45
Austin Cabel (So.) St. Charles (East) 2 4:40.05
Caymus Cairns (Sr.) St. Charles (North) 3 4:40.25

100-Yard Backstroke

Tyler Sesvold (Sr.) West Chicago (Wheaton Academy) 1 49.27
Riley Lohse (Jr.) DeKalb 2 50.83
Nick Boryk (Sr.) St. Charles (East) 3 51.96
Nick Wolff (Sr.) St. Charles (North) 4 52.09
Srboljub Filipovic (Fr.) St. Charles (North) 5 53.12

100-Yard Breaststroke

William Myhre (So.) St. Charles (North) 1 55.89
Garrett Prybell (So.) St. Charles (East) 2 58.58
Sean Yetter (Fr.) St. Charles (East) 3 58.81
Keegan Hawkins (Jr.) West Chicago (H.S.) 4 59.19