Boys Swimming & Diving Sectional at Pekin — 2013-14

* Last updated at 6:45 pm on Saturday, February 22, 2014

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These results were submitted by the tournament or meet manager. If you notice an error or omission, please let us know immediately.

These results are posted as a convenience to fans and media, and need to be checked by the IHSA Office for accuracy and completeness. All names and results appearing on this report are subject to verification by the IHSA Office before advancement is official.

These results include only those entries advancing to the state finals, except in diving, where the sectional champion advances to the state finals automatically, and an additional 32 at-large divers are chosen based on their scores. Some divers listed in sectional results will not advance to the state finals.

Manager's Comment: Becky McGrew - Normal Community West - Sectional Coach of the Year

Team results

1 Normal (University) 289
2 Normal (Community West) 233.5
3 Peoria (Notre Dame) 214.5
4 Peoria (Richwoods) 151
5 Bloomington (H.S.) 134
6 Normal (Community) 107.5
7 Metamora 106
8 Washington 43
9 Pekin 40.5
10 Macomb 24
11 Bloomington (Central Catholic) 22
12 Pontiac 19

200-Yard Medley Relay

Normal (University) 1 1:36.54
Steven Fishman (Sr.), James Kaku (So.), Chris Mecherle (Sr.), John Remmes (Sr.)
Peoria (Richwoods) 2 1:37.07
Daniel Ho (Sr.), Noah Hanold (Sr.), Chance McQuigg (Jr.), Ben Matlock (Fr.)

200-Yard Freestyle Relay

Normal (University) 1 1:25.59
Adam Drury (Sr.), John Remmes (Sr.), Jacob Pinter (Jr.), Jake Miller (Jr.)
Normal (Community West) 2 1:25.99
Justin deDianous (Sr.), Austin Hartke (So.), Andrew Loy (So.), Tyler deDianous (Sr.)
Peoria (Notre Dame) 3 1:26.51
Matt Kamin (Jr.), Sam Neaveill (So.), Charlie Schneider (So.), Jared Schimmelpfenning (Sr.)

400-Yard Freestyle Relay

Normal (University) 1 3:08.12
Adam Drury (Sr.), Steven Fishman (Sr.), John Remmes (Sr.), Jake Miller (Jr.)
Normal (Community West) 2 3:08.89
Justin deDianous (Sr.), Andrew Loy (So.), Kyle Kiper (Jr.), Tyler deDianous (Sr.)
Peoria (Notre Dame) 3 3:12.20
Jared Schimmelpfenning (Sr.), Alex Bousky (Jr.), Ryan Wood (Fr.), Matt Kamin (Jr.)

200-Yard Freestyle

Andrew Loy (So.) Normal (Community West) 1 1:42.06
Adam Drury (Sr.) Normal (University) 2 1:42.08
Matt Kamin (Jr.) Peoria (Notre Dame) 3 1:42.29
Justin deDianous (Sr.) Normal (Community West) 4 1:42.31
Jared Schimmelpfenning (Sr.) Peoria (Notre Dame) 5 1:42.58
Michael Wolfe (Sr.) Bloomington (H.S.) 6 1:44.31

200-Yard Individual Medley

Jake Miller (Jr.) Normal (University) 1 1:51.78
Steven Fishman (Sr.) Normal (University) 2 1:55.03

50-Yard Freestyle

Tyler deDianous (Sr.) Normal (Community West) 1 21.51
John Remmes (Sr.) Normal (University) 2 21.52
Noah Hanold (Sr.) Peoria (Richwoods) 3 21.77


Brian Davis (Sr.) Normal (Community) 1 427.05
Max Reynolds (Sr.) Peoria (Notre Dame) 2 422.80
George Metcalf (Jr.) Bloomington (H.S.) 3 365.45

100-Yard Butterfly

Justin deDianous (Sr.) Normal (Community West) 1 49.76
Chance McQuigg (Jr.) Peoria (Richwoods) 2 51.79

100-Yard Freestyle

Tyler deDianous (Sr.) Normal (Community West) 1 46.73
Matt Kamin (Jr.) Peoria (Notre Dame) 1 46.73

500-Yard Freestyle

Jake Miller (Jr.) Normal (University) 1 4:35.47
Michael Wolfe (Sr.) Bloomington (H.S.) 2 4:38.23
Wyatt Harrison (So.) Normal (University) 3 4:39.58
Jared Schimmelpfenning (Sr.) Peoria (Notre Dame) 4 4:41.36
Ben Ryan (So.) Normal (Community) 5 4:46.14

100-Yard Backstroke

Steven Fishman (Sr.) Normal (University) 1 52.07
Andrew Loy (So.) Normal (Community West) 2 52.93
Austin Hartke (So.) Normal (Community West) 3 53.15

100-Yard Breaststroke

Noah Hanold (Sr.) Peoria (Richwoods) 1 58.30