Boys Swimming & Diving Sectional at Aurora (Metea Valley) — 2013-14

* Last updated at 5:12 pm on Saturday, February 22, 2014

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These results were submitted by the tournament or meet manager. If you notice an error or omission, please let us know immediately.

These results are posted as a convenience to fans and media, and need to be checked by the IHSA Office for accuracy and completeness. All names and results appearing on this report are subject to verification by the IHSA Office before advancement is official.

These results include only those entries advancing to the state finals, except in diving, where the sectional champion advances to the state finals automatically, and an additional 32 at-large divers are chosen based on their scores. Some divers listed in sectional results will not advance to the state finals.

Manager's Comment: Sectional Swimming Coach of the Year: Mark Jager (Metea Valley)

Team results

1 Naperville (Central) 226
2 Aurora (Metea Valley) 223
3 Naperville (Neuqua Valley) 186
4 Aurora (Waubonsie Valley) 182
5 Aurora (Marmion Academy) 127
6 Naperville (North) 125
7 Plainfield (Central) 94
8 Aurora (Illinois Math and Science Academy) 93
9 Oswego (East) 70
10 Lisle (Benet Academy) 39
11 Morris 14
12 Aurora (West Aurora) 6
13 Yorkville 2

200-Yard Medley Relay

Aurora (Metea Valley) 1 1:34.16
Trevor Sandberg (Sr.), Jordan O'Brien (Jr.), Alex Dillmann (So.), Matt Salerno (Jr.)
Aurora (Waubonsie Valley) 2 1:35.71
Bailey York (Sr.), Kai Motoyama (So.), Michael Schwers (So.), Bradin Krug (Jr.)
Aurora (Illinois Math and Science Academy) 3 1:36.31
Steven Tan (Sr.), Andrew Liang (Sr.), Johnny Wu (Sr.), Jonah Goughnour (So.)
Naperville (Neuqua Valley) 3 1:36.31
Brett Whaley (Jr.), Simon Shatinsky (Jr.), Drew Dvorchak (Sr.), Joe Widuch (Jr.)
Aurora (Marmion Academy) 5 1:37.15
Jack Fergus (Sr.), Mike Burke (Sr.), Dan Creighton (Sr.), Andrew Kasper (Jr.)
Naperville (Central) 6 1:37.35
Scott Piper (So.), Phillip Sajaev (Fr.), Connor Lamb (Sr.), Eric Gerlach (So.)
Plainfield (Central) 7 1:37.58
Kyle Potts (Fr.), Brandon Tran (So.), Alex Netzel (Jr.), Tyler Adkins (Jr.)

200-Yard Freestyle Relay

Aurora (Metea Valley) 1 1:26.64
Jordan O'Brien (Jr.), Trevor Sandberg (Sr.), Alex Walter (Sr.), Matt Salerno (Jr.)
Aurora (Waubonsie Valley) 2 1:27.03
Eric Weng (Fr.), Bailey York (Sr.), Michael Schwers (So.), Bradin Krug (Jr.)
Naperville (Central) 3 1:27.49
Christian May (Jr.), Liam Coakley (Jr.), Connor Walsh (Jr.), Eric Gerlach (So.)
Naperville (North) 4 1:27.77
Steven Missak (Sr.), Joe Cassano (Jr.), Andrew Rocco (Sr.), Cameron Snyders (Sr.)
Naperville (Neuqua Valley) 5 1:27.98
Matt Ciezczak (So.), Michael Peters (So.), Jake Springer (Sr.), Austin Mollway (Jr.)

400-Yard Freestyle Relay

Naperville (Neuqua Valley) 1 3:11.53
Matt Ciezczak (So.), Drew Dvorchak (Sr.), Joey Dalesandro (So.), Joe Widuch (Jr.)
Aurora (Marmion Academy) 2 3:11.57
Andrew Kasper (Jr.), Jack Fergus (Sr.), Mike Burke (Sr.), Dan Creighton (Sr.)
Naperville (Central) 3 3:13.14
Christian May (Jr.), Scott Piper (So.), Eric Gerlach (So.), Connor Lamb (Sr.)
Aurora (Waubonsie Valley) 4 3:13.51
Bailey York (Sr.), Nathan Morris (Sr.), Taggart Lohmann (So.), Bradin Krug (Jr.)

200-Yard Freestyle

Alex Netzel (Jr.) Plainfield (Central) 1 1:41.92
Steven Missak (Sr.) Naperville (North) 2 1:44.15
Nathan Morris (Sr.) Aurora (Waubonsie Valley) 3 1:44.82

200-Yard Individual Medley

Jordan O'Brien (Jr.) Aurora (Metea Valley) 1 1:53.70
Connor Lamb (Sr.) Naperville (Central) 2 1:55.44
Brandon Tran (So.) Plainfield (Central) 3 1:57.02
Scott Piper (So.) Naperville (Central) 4 1:57.82

50-Yard Freestyle

Matt Salerno (Jr.) Aurora (Metea Valley) 1 21.37
Eric Weng (Fr.) Aurora (Waubonsie Valley) 2 21.78
Joe Widuch (Jr.) Naperville (Neuqua Valley) 2 21.78
Quinn Parlier (Jr.) Oswego (East) 2 21.78


Peter Rusenas (Sr.) Naperville (Central) 1 460.65
Joe Gucwa (Sr.) Naperville (Central) 2 427.55
Thomas Petersen (Jr.) Naperville (North) 3 420.65
Connor Cast (Jr.) Aurora (Metea Valley) 4 368.90
Marco Hartnett (Sr.) Naperville (North) 5 360.80
Kyle Wilkins (Jr.) Naperville (Neuqua Valley) 6 351.15
Andrew Krall (So.) Naperville (Neuqua Valley) 7 338.40
Max Kontorovich (Jr.) Aurora (Illinois Math and Science Academy) 8 335.75

100-Yard Butterfly

Steven Tan (Sr.) Aurora (Illinois Math and Science Academy) 1 49.06
Alex Dillmann (So.) Aurora (Metea Valley) 2 50.37
Drew Dvorchak (Sr.) Naperville (Neuqua Valley) 3 50.54
Alex Netzel (Jr.) Plainfield (Central) 4 51.13
Michael Schwers (So.) Aurora (Waubonsie Valley) 5 51.99
Bradin Krug (Jr.) Aurora (Waubonsie Valley) 6 52.19
Brett Whaley (Jr.) Naperville (Neuqua Valley) 7 52.56

100-Yard Freestyle

Quinn Parlier (Jr.) Oswego (East) 1 47.10
Steven Missak (Sr.) Naperville (North) 2 47.41

500-Yard Freestyle

Jimmy Fox (So.) Naperville (Central) 1 4:40.80
Alex Dillmann (So.) Aurora (Metea Valley) 2 4:42.40
Andrew Kasper (Jr.) Aurora (Marmion Academy) 3 4:43.24
Connor Lamb (Sr.) Naperville (Central) 4 4:45.93
Tyler Guist (So.) Oswego (East) 5 4:46.20

100-Yard Backstroke

Steven Tan (Sr.) Aurora (Illinois Math and Science Academy) 1 50.15
Drew Dvorchak (Sr.) Naperville (Neuqua Valley) 2 52.29
Jack Fergus (Sr.) Aurora (Marmion Academy) 3 52.45
Scott Piper (So.) Naperville (Central) 4 52.86
Joe Widuch (Jr.) Naperville (Neuqua Valley) 5 52.92
Bailey York (Sr.) Aurora (Waubonsie Valley) 6 53.09

100-Yard Breaststroke

Jordan O'Brien (Jr.) Aurora (Metea Valley) 1 56.31
Matt Salerno (Jr.) Aurora (Metea Valley) 2 58.64
Brandon Tran (So.) Plainfield (Central) 3 58.76
Andrew Liang (Sr.) Aurora (Illinois Math and Science Academy) 4 59.06
Phillip Sajaev (Fr.) Naperville (Central) 5 59.81
Lucas Harder (Sr.) Naperville (Central) 6 59.97
Kai Motoyama (So.) Aurora (Waubonsie Valley) 7 1:00.22
Albert Yao (Sr.) Naperville (North) 8 1:00.30

200-Yard Freestyle for Athletes with Disabilities

50-Yard Freestyle for Athletes with Disabilities

100-Yard Freestyle for Athletes with Disabilities