Boys Golf Results 2000 

Joliet (Twp.) Boys Golf Regional Results

Posted Tuesday, October 3, 2000 at 5:09 pm

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Manager's Note

Tremendous playoff with a sudden death victory by Ryan Michals of Lockport

Golf Course

Name of Golf Course: wedgewood                                 
Length of course (in yards): 6519
Par: 72

First-Place Medalist

Golfer                Yr   School                    Scor 
Ryan Michals          Sr.  Lockport                  71

Advancing Individuals

NOTE: In boys sectionals, only golfers who qualified for the sectional as individuals may advance to the state final as individuals.
Pl  Golfer                Yr   School                    Scor Coach                 
1   Ryan Michals          Sr.  Lockport                  71   Dave Devol
2   Matt Maskel           Sr.  Morris                    71   David Locke
3   Jordon Dunsmore       Sr.  Nequa Valley              73   Spike Grosshuesch
4   Clayton Lackey        Jr.  Bradley                   74   Bret Frazier
5   Drew Pierson          Sr.  Lockport                  74   Dave Devol
6   Kevin Fetzer          Sr.  Lockport                  74   Dave Devol
7   Kyle Mandrelle        Jr.  Minooka                   74   Jim Young
8   Justin Smith          Jr.  Nequa Valley              74   Spike Grosshuesch
9   Andy McKeague         Jr.  Lockport                  76   Dave Devol
10  Joe Glomb             So.  Joliet Township           77   Paul Morzorati
11  Kyle Morris           Jr.  Lincoln-Way               77   Mike Corey
12  Michael Campobasso    Sr.  Plainfield                77   Dave Stephens
13  Dan Broholm           Sr.  Lincoln-Way               78   Mike Corey
14  Matt Gebhardt         Sr.  Lincoln-way               78   Mike Corey
15  Grant Garza           So.  Lockport                  78   Dave Devol
16  Adam Middleton        Sr.  Minooka                   78   Jim Young
17  Jon Zolecki           So.  Minooka                   78   Jim Young
18  Steve Mroozian        Jr.  Nequa Valley              78   Spike Grosshuesch

Advancing Teams

Pl  School                          Scor Head Coach        
1   Lockport                        295  Dave Devol
2   Nequa Valley                    305  Spike Grosshuesch
3   Minooka                         309  Jim Young
4   Lincoln-way                     312  Mike Corey

Advancing Team #1

Name of School: Lockport                           
Golfer Yr Scor Ryan Michals Sr. 71 Drew Pierson Sr. 74 Kevin Fetzer Sr. 74 Andy McKeague Jr. 76 Grant Garza So. 78 Dan Koleno Sr. 79

Advancing Team #2

Name of School: Neuqua Valley                      
Golfer Yr Scor Kyle Miller Sr. 80 Justin Smith Jr. 74 Steve Mroozian Jr. 78 Jordan Dunsmore Sr. 73 Anand Patel Sr. 80 Erik Anderson So. 85

Advancing Team #3

Name of School: Minooka                            
Golfer Yr Scor Eric Danielson Sr. 79 Jon Zolecki So. 78 Greg Lupton Sr. 85 Adam Middleton Sr. 78 Bo Valentino Sr. 82 Kyle Mandrelle Jr. 74

Advancing Team #4

Name of School: Lincoln-way                        
Golfer Yr Scor Greg Larson Jr. 79 Chris Lotysz Jr. 86 Matt Gebhardt Sr. 78 Dan Broholm Sr. 78 Kyle Morris Jr. 77 Mike Kirsch Sr. 83