Boys Cross Country Results 2010 

Chester Boys Cross Country Regional Results

Posted Saturday, October 23, 2010 at 3:43 pm

These results were submitted by the tournament (or meet) manager. If you notice an error or omission, please call the IHSA Office immediately at 309-663-6377 or e-mail Scott Johnson.

These results are posted as a convenience to fans and media, and still need to be checked by the IHSA Office for accuracy and completeness. All names and results appearing on this report are subject to verification by the IHSA Office before advancement is official.

Race Course

Location of Course: Randolph County State Recreation Area         
Length of course (in miles): 3.00

Top 5 Runners

Pl  Runner                Yr   School                    Time    
1   Wade Reeves           Sr.  Spara                     15:58
2   Jon Hill              Jr.  Sparta                    16:20
3   Wes Bradshaw          Jr.  Sparta                    16:39
4   Devon Valleroy        So.  Chester                   16:48
5   Tim Southerland       Sr.  Freeburg                  16:49

Advancing Individuals

Runner                Yr   School                    Pl  Time    Coach                 
Nathan Schmidt        So.  Waterloo (Gibault Catholic) 12  18:00   Heather Johnson
Zach Bickel           Jr.  New Athens                17  18:11   Dennis Works
Zach Bogacki          Jr.  New Athens                18  18:15   Dennis Works
Dillon Salger         Sr.  Red Bud                   20  18:18   Bob Ashley
Zachary Blow          Sr.  Red Bud                   21  18:26   Bob Ashley

Team Results

Pl  School                            Scor Head Coach        
1   Sparta                            24   Mark North
2   Freeburg                          59   Carl Florcyzk
3   Chester                           88   Scott Haxton
4   Marissa (Coop)                    116  Dirk Miller
5   Pinckneyville                     148  Ryan Bruns
6   Nashville                         176  John Krieger
7   Red Bud                           176  Bob Ashley
8   New Athens                        191  Dennis Works
9   Waterloo (Gibault Catholic)       223  Heather Johnson
10  Okawville                         261  Debbie Frederking

Advancing Team #1

Name of School: Sparta                               
Runner Yr Pl Time Wade Reeves Sr. 1 15:58 Jon Hill Jr. 2 16:20 Wes Bradshaw Jr. 3 16:39 Trevor Morgan Jr. 7 17:25 Adam White Sr. 11 17:45 Kenny Heaton Fr. 15 18:05 Tony Briscoe Sr. 16 18:07 Aaron Rushing So. DNR DNR Josh Bockhorn So. DNR DNR Micheal Weber Jr. DNR DNR Gabe Marshall Fr. DNR DNR Jaydin Auvenshine So. DNR DNR

Advancing Team #2

Name of School: Freeburg                             
Runner Yr Pl Time Tim Southerland Sr. 5 16:49 David Renner Jr. 8 17:34 Grant Grimshaw Jr. 9 17:35 Jacob Marler So. 12 17:56 Chris Alt Fr. 25 18:37 Brad Belt So. 28 18:50 Ryan Price So. 34 19:13 Nick Olzem Jr. DNR DNR Sam Dezeeuv So. DNR DNR Kelton George So. DNR DNR David Merz Fr. DNR DNR Dan Lindauer Fr. DNR DNR

Advancing Team #3

Name of School: Chester                              
Runner Yr Pl Time Devon Valleroy So. 4 16:48 Link Cushman So. 6 17:08 Kyle Landon So. 14 18:02 Brent Knop So. 29 18:51 Zach Sternberg Jr. 35 19:13 Jonas Hofmann So. 39 19:33 Brian Hartman So. 48 20:46 Fernando Guerra So. DNR DNR Alec Weir So. DNR DNR Jordan Shroyer Fr. DNR DNR Reed Koeneman So. DNR DNR Jared Johnson Fr. DNR DNR

Advancing Team #4

Name of School: Marissa (Coop)                       
Runner Yr Pl Time Chazz Phelps So. 10 17:45 Johnnie Coke Sr. 19 18:16 Joey Martin Sr. 24 18:32 Austin Place So. 31 18:57 Kenny Jenkins Sr. 32 18:58 Kevin Galle Sr. 33 19:06 Clint Runyon Sr. DNF DNF Cory Mahan Jr. DNR DNR Matt Huff So. DNR DNR Matt Rehmer So. DNR DNR

Advancing Team #5

Name of School: Pinckneyville                        
Runner Yr Pl Time Zach Hall So. 22 18:28 Will Timpner So. 23 18:30 Luke Miller So. 30 18:53 Hunter Queen Jr. 36 19:15 Coleman Choate Sr. 37 19:26 Tyler Wildermuth So. 45 20:19 Joey Burris So. 58 22:27 Dustin VanMeter Jr. DNR DNR Henry Dudek Fr. DNR DNR Lucas Carter Fr. DNR DNR Brayden Cowley Fr. DNR DNR Gavin Stein Jr. DNR DNR