Boys Cross Country Results 2006 

Park Forest (Rich East) Boys Cross Country Regional Results

Posted Monday, October 23, 2006 at 8:51 am

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Race Course

Location of Course: Park Forest                                   
Length of course (in miles): 3miles

Top 5 Runners

Pl  Runner                Yr   School                    Time    
1   Kyle Kirchner         Sr.  Lincoln Way East          15:34
2   Nathan Troester       Jr.  Lincoln Way East          15:39
3   Myles-Scott Stirn     Jr.  Lincoln Way East          15:49
4   Ron Revord            Jr.  Lincoln Way East          16:11
5   John Tessling         Sr.  Bloom Township            16:22

Advancing Individuals

Runner                Yr   School                    Pl  Time    Coach                 
Carl Burres           Sr.  Rich Central              11  17:03   John Kenton
T.J Sayre             Sr.  T.F. South                19  17:27   Fred Siebold
Kody Eitzen           So.  T.F. South                24  17:38   Fred Siebold
Arun Dahiya           Jr.  H.F.                      25  17:43   Brian McCarthy
Jerome Kotel          Sr.  T.F. South                28  17:55   Fred Siebold

Team Results

Pl  School                            Scor Head Coach        
1   Lincoln Way East                  16   Lisa McAllister
2   Illiana Christian                 85   James Piaskowy
3   Thornridge                        88   Vince McAuliffe
4   Marian Catholic                   100  Tim Sovereign
5   Bloom Township                    108  Huey Johnson

Advancing Team #1

Name of School: Lincoln Way Central                  
Runner Yr Pl Time Kyle Kirchner Sr. Mark Crowley Sr. Joe Hosty Sr. Myles Scott Stirn Jr. Ron Revord Jr. Nathan Troester Jr. Dan Hearne Jr. Mike Harris Jr. Travis Wood Sr. Austin Wallace So. Matt Niendorf Fr. Joe Pavilonis Fr.

Advancing Team #2

Name of School: Illiana christian                    
Runner Yr Pl Time Kevin Hahn Sr. Tim Kamp Sr. David Hookstra Sr. Jordan Piaskowy Jr. Nick Kramer Jr. Austin Warner Jr. Kaleb Schmel Jr. Phillip Jellema Jr. Tom VanKley So. Luke Kriegsheld So. Mike Bullock So. Joel Crevier So.

Advancing Team #3

Name of School: Thornton Township                    
Runner Yr Pl Time Donovan Nash Jr. Joshua Washington Sr. Angel Perez Jr. Jurl Vinegar Jr. Willie Robinson Sr. Erik Perez Sr. Courtney Weisinger Sr. Jared Green Sr. Jesse Jeffries Sr. Kunle Deramola So. Sterling Fobbs So. Marolon Taylor Jr.

Advancing Team #4

Name of School: Marian Catholic                      
Runner Yr Pl Time Adam Brzesckiewicz Sr. Tim Stannis Jr. Ryan Bruni Sr. Ryan Merriman Jr. Justin Vanderbilt Sr. Matthew Rossback Sr. Michael Roche Sr. Jonathan Caffarelli Fr. James Jackson Fr. Christian Haas Sr. Charlie Walsh Fr. Dan Anderson So.

Advancing Team #5

Name of School: Bloom Township                       
Runner Yr Pl Time Willie Drake Sr. Kevin Ekstrom-Strange Sr. Justin Gertz Jr. Montrell Grimes Fr. Matthew Page So. Matthew Rodriguez Fr. Juan Sanchez Jr. John Tessling Sr. Ron Sherrod So.