Boys Cross Country Results 2006 

Midlothian (Bremen) Boys Cross Country Regional Results

Posted Saturday, October 21, 2006 at 3:02 pm

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Manager's Note

Coaches, please note a change in team point totals. Tinley Park finished with 4 runners and on this posting were removed from score. No team places changed.

Race Course

Location of Course: Midlotian Meadows Forest Preserve             
Length of course (in miles): 3.0

Top 5 Runners

Pl  Runner                Yr   School                    Time    
1   Mark Battista         Sr.  New Lenox (Lincoln-Way Central 15:18
2   Tom Sideras           Sr.  Orland Park (Sandburg)    15:50
3   Kevin Adamowski       Sr.  Orland Park (Sandburg)    16:06
4   Justin Smith          Sr.  Orland Park (Sandburg)    16:06
5   Brad LaRocque         Sr.  Orland Park (Sandburg)    16:09

Advancing Individuals

Runner                Yr   School                    Pl  Time    Coach                 
Wesley Sewell         Sr.  Palos Heights (Shepard)   8   16:34   Gary Andruch
Nick Sustersic        Jr.  Palos Hills (Stagg)       16  17:00   Dan Zielinski
Kyle Middleton        Jr.  Palos Heights (Shepard)   19  17:17   Gary Andruch
Rick Davey            Jr.  Palos Hills (Stagg)       20  17:17   Dan Zielinski
Brian Frank           Sr.  Oak Forest                22  17:22   Gary Andruch

Team Results

Pl  School                            Scor Head Coach        
1   Orland Park (Sandburg)            21   John O'Malley
2   New Lenox (Lincoln-Way Central)   99   John Taylor
3   Tinley Park (Andrew)              111  Bobby Matz
4   Chicago (Marist)                  115  John O'Hara
5   Lockport (Twp.)                   123  Tom Razo
6   Palos Heights (Shepard)           131  Troy Walker
7   Palos Hills (Stagg)               140  Dan Zielinski
8   Midlothian (Bremen)               216  Bill Griffin
9   Oak Forest                        235  Gary Andruch
10  Blue Island (Eisenhower)          288  Steven Fortuna
11  Country Club Hills (Hillcrest)    347  Joe Banach

Advancing Team #1

Name of School: Orland Park (Sandburg)               
Runner Yr Pl Time Kevin Adamowski Sr. 3 16:06 Brad LaRocque Sr. 5 16:09 Mike Marbach Jr. 7 16:32 Justin Smith Sr. 4 16:06 Tom Sideras Sr. 2 15:50 Chuck Archer Sr. 9 16:36 Mike Young Sr. 11 16:43 Zach Dahleen So. Corey Puckett Jr. Kyle McNicholas So. Elliot Hevel So. Brian Spychalski Sr.

Advancing Team #2

Name of School: New Lenox (Lincoln-Way Central)      
Runner Yr Pl Time Mark Battista Sr. 1 15:18 Joe Korte Sr. 24 17:24 Rob Puttkammer Jr. 36 17:44 Steve Ahlgrim So. 39 17:52 Patrick Chojnacki So. Joe Gasca So. Ethan Simmons So. 12 16:44 Nathan Spreitzer So. 47 18:20 Tom Willmot So. 26 17:31 Dan Gebar Fr.

Advancing Team #3

Name of School: Tinley Park (Andrew)                 
Runner Yr Pl Time Matt Rychel Jr. 10 16:39 Connor Williams Sr. 13 16:45 Kevin Omahen Sr. 30 17:35 Brandon Grode Sr. 15 17:00 Greg Jeffries Sr. 51 18:26 Will Scott Jr. 54 18:32 Nick Ziganto Jr. Mike Malloy Sr. Brian McGrath So. Chad Linhart So. Dave McKiernan So. Alex Kluchki So. 43 18:03

Advancing Team #4

Name of School: Chicago (Marist)                     
Runner Yr Pl Time Roy Witty Sr. 21 17:21 Tom Dehlin Jr. 18 17:05 Kevin Randolph Sr. 17 17:03 Tony Cinnerella Sr. 25 17:29 Ben Salabura Sr. 34 17:41 Ryan Haberkorn Fr. 38 17:51 Joey Dubois So. 42 18:02 Joel Haberkorn Fr. Kevin Germino So. Ryan Dwyer So. Mike Mulhausen So. John Wiencek Jr.

Advancing Team #5

Name of School: Lockport (Twp.)                      
Runner Yr Pl Time Kyle Engnell Jr. 6 16:26 Joe Targosz Sr. 14 16:53 Pawel Laciak Sr. Matt Andorf Sr. 37 17:47 Ryan Piotrowski Jr. 35 17:42 Josh Shirley So. John Molloy Sr. 31 17:35 Josh Lopez Fr. James Tropper Jr. 61 19:21 Mark Bohdan So. Brandon Marolda Fr. Pete Sullivan Jr. 59 18:53