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  Boys Cross Country Results 2002 

Sterling (H.S.) Boys Cross Country Sectional Results

Posted Saturday, November 2, 2002 at 2:33 pm

These results were submitted by the tournament (or meet) manager. If you notice an error or omission, please call the IHSA Office immediately at 309-663-6377 or e-mail Scott Johnson at

These results are posted as a convenience to fans and media, and still need to be checked by the IHSA Office for accuracy and completeness. All names and results appearing on this report are subject to verification by the IHSA Office before advancement is official.

Manager's Note

Cool, sunny, with temperatures in low 40's. Outstanding race and effort by all competitors.

Race Course

Location of Course: Hoover Park Course at Woodlawn School     
Length of course (in miles): 3.0

Top 5 Runners

Pl  Runner                Yr   School                    Time    
1   Trent Hoerr           Sr.  Morton H.S.               15:20
2   Andy Bloom            Jr.  Pekin H. S.               15:39
3   Matt Dunham           Sr.  Pontiac H.S.              15:41
4   Kyle Fluck            Sr.  Geneseo (Darnall) H.S.    15:48
5   Andrew Brenner        Sr.  Rockford Guilford H.S.    15:49

Advancing Individuals

Runner                Yr   School                    Pl  Time    Coach                 
Trent Hoerr           Sr.  Morton High School        1st 15:20   Darren Hurst
Andy Bloom            Jr.  Pekin High School         2nd 15:39   Don Merrick
Matt Dunham           Sr.  Pontiac High School       3rd 15:41   Trenton Roth
Kyle Fluck            Sr.  Geneseo (Darnall)         4th 15:48   Don Fredericks
Andrew Brenner        Sr.  Rockford Guilford         5th 15:49   John Cook
Matt Jacobson         Sr.  Rochelle High School      6th 15:53   Bruce Anderson
Justin Trujillo       Jr.  Geneseo (Darnall)         10th 16:09   Don Fredericks

Advancing Teams

Pl  School                          Scor Head Coach        
1   Normal Community High School    122  Tom Patten
2   Belvidere High School           131  Troy Yunk
3   Moline High School              134  Jeff Quick
4   Rockford Jefferson High School  156  Greg Barker
5   Rockton Hononegah High School   156  Ray McLarty

Advancing Team #1

Name of School: Normal Community High School       
Runner Yr Pl Time Steve Hurth So. 11th 16:16 Josh Bronke So. 18th 16:25 Steve Hanley Jr. 19th 16:25 Ben Love Sr. 24th 16:30 Chris Zook Fr. 50th 17:03 Shawn Finlen Jr. 53rd 17:06 Jared Starnes Fr. 67th 17:17 Brent Chatham Jr. Chris Drennan So. Dave Rutledge Sr. Evan Riehl Jr. Luke Beasley So.

Advancing Team #2

Name of School: Belvidere High School              
Runner Yr Pl Time Shea Maudsley Jr. 7th 16:09 Kenny Beever Sr. 12th 16:16 Alan Beardsley Sr. 33rd 16:43 Eric Gritzmacher Sr. 35th 16:44 Dan Myers So. 44th 16:53 Don Penny Sr. 55th 17:08 Derek Larsen So. 92nd 17:46 Aric Romriell So. Mike Wartgow Sr. Brian Jacobs Jr. Tom Chambers So. Steve Nettgen So.

Advancing Team #3

Name of School: Moline High School                 
Runner Yr Pl Time Kyle Medinger Sr. 6th 16:09 Drew Patterson Sr. 14th 16:18 Mike Verre Jr. 17th 16:24 Ted Nocella Jr. 48th 16:59 Eric Steffens Jr. 49th 17:01 Craig Fredericksen Jr. 99th 17:56 Paul Brown Fr. 118 18:23 Alex Hutchins So. Jeremy Saunders Jr. Dan Ade Jr. Tim Shook Sr. Matt Galvin Jr.

Advancing Team #4

Name of School: Rockford Jefferson High School     
Runner Yr Pl Time Sean Rutchik Sr. 9th 16:11 Lee Aschim Jr. 26th 16:33 Nick Dimitt Sr. 31st 16:40 Marc Corcoran So. 36th 16:45 Stephen Brown Sr. 54th 17:07 Christopher Pollare Jr. 68th 17:17 Joseph Kleczkowski Fr. 94th 17:48 Nick Dugo So. Joshua Johnson So. Ed Portillo Fr. Luis Rodriguez So. Orest Silchuk So.

Advancing Team #5

Name of School: Rockton Hononegah High School      
Runner Yr Pl Time Justin Aronson Sr. 5th 15:59 Jeff Daily Jr. 20th 16:27 Greg McKiski So. 21st 16:27 Eric Maffei Jr. 37th 16:45 Zach Albright Jr. 73rd 17:23 Ben Patterson Sr. 112 18:11 Luke Pattarozzi Jr. 116 18:17 Alex Hanson So. Dan Oberg Jr.