Boys Bowling Regional at Cahokia (H.S.) — 2014-15

* Last updated at 1:18 pm on Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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These results were submitted by the tournament or meet manager. If you notice an error or omission, please let us know immediately.

These results are posted as a convenience to fans and media, and need to be checked by the IHSA Office for accuracy and completeness. All names and results appearing on this report are subject to verification by the IHSA Office before advancement is official.

The results on this page include only those entries advancing to the sectional.

Manager's Comment: Great Time Had By All!! Thank You- Redbird Lanes

Team scores

1 Belleville (West) 6178
2 Cahokia (H.S.) 6144
3 Belleville (East) 5878
4 Mascoutah 5716
5 Columbia 5662
6 Freeburg 5637
7 Waterloo (H.S.) 5507
8 Trenton (Wesclin) 5336
9 Belleville (Althoff Catholic) 5307
10 Waterloo (Gibault Catholic) 5281
11 Dupo 4681

Advancing teams

Belleville (West)

Nathan Bovinette (Sr.) 1277
TJ Cole (Jr.) 1244
Malik Ballard (Sr.) 1273
Aaron Seamon (Jr.) 650
Bryce Morgan (Jr.) 561
Brandon Gregory (Jr.) 548
Ramon Fultz (Jr.) 625

Cahokia (H.S.)

Michael McGarry (Sr.) 1287
Kyle Brewer (Jr.) 1286
Ryan Bovee (Fr.) 1271
Scott Bovee (Jr.) 1156
Adam Browning (Jr.) 1144

Belleville (East)

Austin Swires (Sr.) 1243
Kurtis Murphy (Fr.) 1231
David Barrett-Ness (So.) 1169
Mark Borges (Sr.) 1124
Anthony Lombardo (Sr.) 579
Denzell Ware (Jr.) 168
Douglas Gray (So.) 364


Zack Miller (Sr.) 1329
Bryan Stevens (So.) 1276
Shane Hofman (So.) 1072
Jared Lyles (So.) 1019
Noah Breakfield (Fr.) 642
Doran Wobbe (So.) 378

Individual champion

Cameron Touchette (Jr.) Columbia 1336

Advancing individuals

Cameron Touchette (Jr.) Columbia 1336
Cade Stein (So.) Columbia 1292
Matthew Goessling (Sr.) Waterloo (H.S.) 1256
Austin Doerr (Sr.) Waterloo (Gibault Catholic) 1254
Tyler Hunter (Fr.) Freeburg 1228
Daniel Hummel (Fr.) Belleville (Althoff Catholic) 1195
Trevor Alexander (Sr.) Trenton (Wesclin) 1168
Connor Meehan (Jr.) Waterloo (Gibault Catholic) 1158
Tyler Alexander (So.) Trenton (Wesclin) 1143
Andrew Reifschneider (Jr.) Waterloo (H.S.) 1136