Boys Bowling Regional at Chicago (Brother Rice) — 2013-14

* Last updated at 4:05 pm on Saturday, January 18, 2014

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These results were submitted by the tournament or meet manager. If you notice an error or omission, please let us know immediately.

These results are posted as a convenience to fans and media, and need to be checked by the IHSA Office for accuracy and completeness. All names and results appearing on this report are subject to verification by the IHSA Office before advancement is official.

Manager's Comment: Jon bowled 235, 279, 187, 280, 260, 226 for a 244.5 ave.

Team results

1 Oak Lawn (Richards) 6232
2 Oak Lawn (Community) 6225
3 Chicago (Brother Rice) 5965
4 Chicago (St. Rita) 5761
5 Palos Hills (Stagg) 5591
6 Chicago (Marist) 5406
7 Palos Heights (Chicago Christian) 5400
8 Chicago (Agricultural Science) 5223
9 Chicago (Simeon) 4997
10 Chicago (Leo) 4255

Advancing teams

Oak Lawn (Richards)

Jon Strache (So.) 1467
Steven Grant (Jr.) 1263
Mike Pierce (Jr.) 1193
Tyler Hancock (Sr.) 1017
Louis Simik (Sr.) 961

Oak Lawn (Community)

Ryan Kirby (Jr.) 1343
Cody Bulow (Jr.) 1277
Dan McGrath (Sr.) 1221
Chris Kooyman (Jr.) 1214
Matt VanderGriend (Sr.) 1170

Chicago (Brother Rice)

Anthony Butler (Fr.) 1262
Nick Jorge (Jr.) 1213
Nick Smith (So.) 1204
Terrance Evans (Sr.) 1152
Jim Scheffler (Sr.) 567

Chicago (St. Rita)

Tyler Johnson (Jr.) 1258
Ray Tenorio (Jr.) 1224
Brian Fitzgerald (Sr.) 1152
Carlos Tenorio (So.) 1068
Dan Ashe (So.) 1059

Individual champion

Jon Strache (So.) Oak Lawn (Richards) 1467

Advancing individuals

Kyle Snyder (Jr.) Chicago (Marist) 1251
Shaun Quinn (Fr.) Evergreen Park 1192
Tom Hassel (So.) Palos Heights (Chicago Christian) 1167
Marty Jaraczewski (Jr.) Palos Heights (Chicago Christian) 1166
Mario Lara (Jr.) Palos Hills (Stagg) 1156
Joseph Wolinaskowski (Jr.) Chicago (Agricultural Science) 1150
Cody Johnson (Jr.) Palos Hills (Stagg) 1144
Jacob Ottenfeld (So.) Chicago (Marist) 1141
Dan Jamrozik (Sr.) Palos Hills (Stagg) 1139
Braijon Carter (Fr.) Chicago (Simeon) 1128