Boys Bowling Regional at LaSalle (L.-Peru) — 2013-14

* Last updated at 4:16 pm on Saturday, January 18, 2014

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Team results

1 Jerseyville (Jersey) 6401
2 Taylorville 6093
3 Streator (Twp.) 6021
4 LaSalle (L.-Peru) 5903
5 Ottawa (Twp.) 5628
6 Piasa (Southwestern) 5404
7 Peru (St. Bede) 5134
8 Abingdon (A.-Avon) 5078
9 Spring Valley (Hall) 5021

Advancing teams

Jerseyville (Jersey)

Brendan Vanost (Jr.) 1231
Kenny Nelson (Fr.) 1178
Jeff Gump (Fr.) 1365
Brandon Handler (So.) 1262
Jacob Freand (So.) 1365


Blake Carmichael (Sr.) 1276
Scott Hill (Sr.) 1216
Lucas Nagle (Jr.) 1355
Tyler Roth (Jr.) 1171
Brayden Thomas (Sr.) 1075

Streator (Twp.)

Colby Orban (Sr.) 1247
Jon Watts (Sr.) 1216
Dylan Tooley (Jr.) 993
Caleb Wilson (Sr.) 1337
Ryley Taylor (Jr.) 1228

LaSalle (L.-Peru)

Nathan Morrell (Sr.) 687
Dakota Koenig (Jr.) 1177
Tyler Zokal (Sr.) 1154
John Pohar (Jr.) 865
Nate Stubler (Fr.) 1448

Individual champion

Nate Stubler (Fr.) LaSalle (L.-Peru) 1448

Advancing individuals

AJ Angelico (Sr.) Ottawa (Twp.) 1281
Nick Worley (Jr.) Ottawa (Twp.) 1245
Shawn Rutledge (Sr.) Piasa (Southwestern) 1202
Devin Forbes (Sr.) Peru (St. Bede) 1192
Brian Heineman (Sr.) Piasa (Southwestern) 1166
James Russell (So.) Spring Valley (Hall) 1163
James Yundt (Sr.) DePue 1147
Ryan Robinson (Fr.) Hillsboro 1134
Trent McVey (So.) Abingdon (A.-Avon) 1114
Simon Burcham (Fr.) Spring Valley (Hall) 1081