Boys Bowling Sectional at Chicago (St. Patrick) — 2013-14

* Last updated at 9:40 pm on Saturday, January 25, 2014

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These results were submitted by the tournament or meet manager. If you notice an error or omission, please let us know immediately.

These results are posted as a convenience to fans and media, and need to be checked by the IHSA Office for accuracy and completeness. All names and results appearing on this report are subject to verification by the IHSA Office before advancement is official.

Potential at-large bowlers do not automatically advance to the state finals. The complete list of qualifiers will be posted on Monday.

Manager's Comment: Congratulations to Corey Kahen who bowled 300 the fourth game! Thanks to Habetler Bowl for the tremendous hospitality.

Team results

1 LaGrange (Lyons) 6344
2 Winnetka (New Trier) 5926
3 Chicago (Whitney Young) 5806
4 Skokie (Niles North) [Coop] 5756
5 Niles (Notre Dame) 5751
6 Chicago (St. Patrick) 5718
7 Burbank (St. Laurence) 5647
8 Chicago (Mt. Carmel) 5470
9 Chicago (Taft) 5458
10 Darien (Hinsdale South) 5388
11 Burbank (Reavis) 5370
12 Summit (Argo) 5281

Advancing teams

LaGrange (Lyons)

Mike Kicmal (Sr.) 1402
John Yanulis (Sr.) 1381
Robert Kicmal (Sr.) 1281
Kevin Justus (Sr.) 1206
Patrick Richert (Sr.) 938
Henry Hostetler (Sr.) 136

Winnetka (New Trier)

Dan Mickevice (Sr.) 1236
James Olk (Sr.) 1223
Andrew Textor (Sr.) 1200
Sam Shepard (Sr.) 1136
Ryan Foy (So.) 1131

Chicago (Whitney Young)

Livio Bolzon (Sr.) 1345
Malik Patton (Sr.) 1134
Christian Williams (Sr.) 1115
Andy Hayes (Jr.) 825
Dennis Sherlock (Sr.) 697
Jace Miyagi (So.) 690

Skokie (Niles North) [Coop]

Daniel Ullenbrauck (Sr.) 1239
Tyler Milbrandt (So.) 1181
Romario Gayle (So.) 1113
Scott Hirsch (Jr.) 1077
Humza Usman (Sr.) 1011
Steven Garth (So.) 135

Niles (Notre Dame)

Charlie Allen (So.) 1252
Alex Jensen (Sr.) 1196
Tom Ochal (So.) 1156
Robert Van Houghton (Fr.) 1054
Matt Voss (So.) 729
Bob Hoenig (Jr.) 364

Chicago (St. Patrick)

Danny Silva (Jr.) 1330
Zach Stefanski (Sr.) 1182
Josh Adams (Jr.) 1125
R.J. Alejandro (Sr.) 1079
Mike Partipilo (So.) 452
Jim Kowalczyk (Sr.) 402
Geo Laewrenc (Sr.) 148

Individual champion

Corey Kahen (Jr.) Northbrook (Glenbrook North) 1475

Advancing individuals

Corey Kahen (Jr.) Northbrook (Glenbrook North) 1475
Manny Sanchez (So.) Burbank (St. Laurence) 1358
Thomas Green (Fr.) Chicago (Taft) 1314
Jason Mathus (Sr.) Chicago (Lindblom) 1263
Anthony Clemente (Jr.) Park Ridge (Maine East) 1230
Andrew Stevens (So.) Lombard (Glenbard East) 1227
Mike Stepanovic (Sr.) Chicago (Mt. Carmel) 1227

Potential at-large advancers

Mike Petillo (Sr.) Park Ridge (Maine East) 1194
Richie Kochanski (Sr.) Darien (Hinsdale South) 1187

Wheelchair division advancers