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  Boys Bowling Results 2003 

Minooka Boys Bowling Sectional Results

Posted Saturday, January 25, 2003 at 4:05 pm

These results were submitted by the tournament (or meet) manager. If you notice an error or omission, please call the IHSA Office immediately at 309-663-6377 or e-mail Scott Johnson at

These results are posted as a convenience to fans and media, and still need to be checked by the IHSA Office for accuracy and completeness. All names and results appearing on this report are subject to verification by the IHSA Office before advancement is official.

Manager's Note

Brian Velenta - Lockport Twp. had a total of 1542 pins which included a 300 pin game and 289 pin game!!

Top 5 Bowlers

Pl  Bowler                Yr   School                    Pins    
1   Brian Velenta         Sr.  Lockport Twp.             1542
2   Jeff Gorman           So.  Lockport Twp.             1310
3   Brad Cook             Jr.  Lincoln-Way East          1246
4   Carl Larsen           Sr.  Lincoln-Way Central       1241
5   Scot Coleman          Fr.  Plainfield So.            1200

Advancing Individuals

Bowler                Yr   School                    Pins    Coach                 
Brad Cook             Jr.  Lincoln-Way East          1246    Dave Murray
Carl Larsen           Sr.  Lincoln-Way Central       1241    Mark Reed
Dan Kegl              Sr.  Hinsdale South            1191    Randy Heern

Potential At-Large Individuals

A total of 4 at-large bowlers will be chosen from the 12 sectionals, based on the highest scores. The following marks were reported from this sectional.
Bowler                Yr   School                    Pins    Coach                 
Joe Glatz             Fr.  Hinsdale Central          1183    Alex Hipskind
Zak Krumlinde         So.  Minooka                   1168    Derrick Rapsky
Jack Gibbons          Sr.  Minooka                   1166    Derrick Rapsky
Bill Hahn             Sr.  Hinsdale South            1157    Randy Heern

Advancing Teams

Pl  School                            Pins Head Coach        
1   Lockport Twp.                     6327 Jeff Wyatt
2   Plainfield So.                    5705 Mike Mowinski

Advancing Team #1

Name of School: Lockport Twp.                        
Bowler Yr Pins Brian Velenta Sr. 1542 Jeff Gorman So. 1310 Brian Matiasek Sr. 1174 Clayton Gilbert So. 1095 Ryan McDaniel So. 1070 Bob Zacharias So. 136 Kevin Whitehead So. Tyler Backoff Jr.

Advancing Team #2

Name of School: Plainfield So.                       
Bowler Yr Pins Scot Coleman Fr. 1200 Paul Monroe Fr. 1191 Josh Smith So. 1172 Joe Stachon So. 1083 Mike Hareld Jr. 1059 Rob Thomas Jr. Matt Urbanezyk Jr. Nick Mackey So.