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Henry Van Arsdale Porter, better known as H. V. Porter, was born in Manito, Illinois and was a high school teacher, coach and principal before joining the IHSA staff in 1928. In addition to being an innovative administrator, Porter enjoyed a special gift for writing essays, poems, and stories. He penned his most famous piece in a 1939 essay entitled "March Madness" that appeared in the IHSA magazine Illinois High School Athlete. Porter is now world renowned for coining the term "March Madness" and his legacy lives on each winter via the IHSA and NCAA basketball tournaments.

In continuing the tradition of H.V.’s love with the written word, the IHSA is proud to offer this space known as Porter’s Corner. Throughout the school year, we will offer content on a wide-range of topics relating to the IHSA mission, featuring writing from current and former IHSA member school principals, coaches, students, administrators, officials, IHSA staff members and other special guests along the way.

Do you have a piece you'd like to submit to Porter's Corner? Contact Matt Troha for more information.

Entries for May 2012

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I’m not quite sure what qualifies a former college basketball coach to assess the state of high school sports, but last week in USA Today’s online edition, the following headline caught my attention: “Former college coach proposes ending high school sports.” Wow! This... Read more