IHSA State Final Information

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All coaches need to have their team music on to both an AUDIO CD and a copy of their music on their phone/mp3player.  If you will be using your phone to play the competition music, it is your responsibility to have it on airplane mode.  If you have an iPhone 7, you need to bring your adapter with you.

Alternates in the Warm-up Area

Only the participants and team personnel who have been issued one of the Participant Passes are allowed to enter the designated team areas. Only participants that are in team apparel and on the List of Participants will be allowed on the floor. The IHSA Terms and Conditions allow teams to have 28 rostered participants with no more than 24 allowed on the competition floor and no less than 5. If a team has a roster of 22 and floors 14 dancers they are allowed to have the additional 8 rostered dancers come through the warm-up area with the team and sit on the performance floor in the designated coaches box.


On Saturday the top three teams in each Division will participate in the trophy awards presentation. Appropriate team attire for awards includes:  teams in matching competition apparel or matching team warm-ups.  Only team members on the list of participants, certified coaches in compliance with IHSA By-law 2.070 and school administrators are allowed on the floor for awards

Locker rooms

Coaches and participants please be aware that only general locker room space is available at the U.S. Cellular Coliseum. Dancers will need to be ready in competing apparel upon arrival at the Coliseum.  There will not be a general area for teams to store your bags and costumes.  Teams will be responsible for keeping their belongings with them at all times. During your performance time the IHSA will move your team bags from warm-up to the cool-down area. However, leave all valuables with a school representative or parent.

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